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Author: xblackcrayonx
Created: September 26, 2008
Taken: 354 times
Rated: G

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Best Friend Survey

Created by xblackcrayonx and taken 354 times on Bzoink
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Your Name?
Best Friends Name?
Your Age?
Best Friends Age?
Your Birthday?
Best Friends Birthday?
Your Life Story
How'd You Meet?
Did You Like Them Instantly?
How Long Was It Before You Were Best Friends?
Why Did You Become Best Friends?
Would You Do Anything For Them?
Would You Help Them Get The Boy/Girl They Liked?
Would You Still Be Best Friends If One Of You Moved?
Would You Want To Be College Roomates?
TV Shows You Both Love?
Music You Both Love?
Books You Both Love?
People You Both Love?
People You Both Hate?
Shared Obsessions?
Do You Speak In Code?
Do You Have Nicknames?
Do You Codename The People You Like?
Be Honest
Something You're Jealous Of About Your Best Friend?
Something That Bugs You About Them?
Last Text Message They Sent You?
Last Text Message You Sent Them?
Last Time You Talked On The Phone?
What Did You Talk About?
Are They Pretty/Handsome?
Are They Awkward?
Songs That Remind You Of Them?
Something Only You Two Would Understand?
Have You Ever Crushed On The Same Guy/Girl?
Would You Ever Compete Over A Guy/Girl?
What Do You Like To Do Together?
Do You Have Sleepovers and Stay Up Till 4am?
Do You Play Games?
Will You Be Best Friends Always?
Do You Love This Person?
Tell An Embarassing Secret of Your Best Friends!