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Author: whatshername182
Created: September 26, 2008
Taken: 323 times
Rated: PG

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enlighten your originality

Created by whatshername182 and taken 323 times on Bzoink
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hi! what's your name?
cell phone or ipod?
music or tv?
favorite color?
cat or dog?
Would you rather...
lose an arm or leg?
save 100 people or lose a loved one?
eat a cat or human skin?
go deaf or blind?
mosh or crowd surf?
die alone with millions or die broke living in a box in love.
have 7 eyes or razor sharp teeth?
have a best friend or 10 close ones?
be poofed into a frog or a lizard?
Your stranded on an island...
what happened?
who's there with you?
are there zombies or cannibals there?
do your parents care?
what do you eat?
theres no trees, how do you make a shelter?
Do you want to...
have sex?
get married?
be famous?
have children?
get drunk?
bungee jump?
kiss the opposite sex?
eat a living bug?
if you could would you want to...
have x-ray vision?
have no need for arms?
have two tounges?
not feel pain?
be invisble for the rest of your life?
not longer have anger as an emotion?
have a sixth sense?
know everything about everything?
read minds?
know all the people who've ever liked you?
so tell me...
are you a virgin?
who was/do you want to be/your first kiss?
ever gone skinny dipping?
every lose a parent?
gotten drunk out of your mind?
played 7 minutes in heaven?
how about spin the bottle?
cried in front of someone you "liked"?
embaressed the hell out of youself?
pee'd you pants recentally?
do you love anyone?
gotten into a fist fight?
just for fun...
do you like cows?
do you download music illegally?
whens your bday?
listen to red hot chili peppers?
whos the hottest person ever?
shoud we swim in a pool or play pool?
happy withyourself?
if we had only one month which one should it be?
how about only one season?
which of your friends would you like to live with?
even been out of the country?
do you blame canada?
your presedant;whats our countries new law?
is dying from ciggs a cool way to die?
why is the sky blue?
do you like hottubs?
what one and only song would you want to listen to forever?
whats for dinner?
are you colorblind?
do you like acoustic or metal better?
nirvana or foo fighters?
rage or soundgarden?
rancid or transplants?
blink 182 or sum 41?
white stripes or raconteurs?
who's the boss?
do you perfer chicken or steak?
whats your stripper name?
do you feel enlightened?