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Author: xxblaqkelectricxx
Created: October 2, 2008
Taken: 247 times
Rated: G

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Come one! Come all! To Kaylen's fantastic survey! (Excellent spelling and grammar)!

Created by xxblaqkelectricxx and taken 247 times on Bzoink
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Do you seem to put others problems before your own?
Would you be mad if your fiance called off your wedding?
What color do you want your wedding suit/dress to be?
Have you ever gotten any freebies from any website?
Have you ever been to a cooking show?
Do you go back to visit old teachers?
How many times do you check to make sure your door is locked?
Have you ever scanned your hand prints into the computer?
Have you ever looked hard for something that was in plain sight?
What was the last museum you visited?
Is there a museum you have been to more than once?
If you could see yourself in the future, would you like to?
Do you make friends with as many people as you can if one becomes famous?
What specific feature do you have about you that makes you unique?
What feature would that be?
Do you know the difference between there, their, and they're?
Would you get an autograph from someone famous even if you don't like them?
If you had to live at one location until you died, where would you choose?
Do you often mix up words with 'ie' for 'ei' or the other way around?
Were you ever been told that life wasn't fair?
Would you rather be unspoiled, a little spoiled, or really spoiled?
Has any place hired you underage for a job?
Have you ever barely passed a grade/year in school?
If you think someone's beliefs are ridiculous do you tell it to them?
Can you admit to failure?
Are you afraid of failure?
If so, why? (You shouldn't be, failure is how we learn).
Have you ever done something that you were told not to do?
How many people do you believe it takes to cause trouble?
You hear a scream outside. What is your reaction?
Have you ever given a pyromaniac friend firecrackers for Christmas?
Have you ever claimed that some place was 'just like prison'?
What do you do in awkward silences?
Have you ever carried a concealed weapon?
Would you ever scare a little kid really bad for the fun of it?
Why? (It wouldn't be fun! Don't do it!)
If someone says not to do something do you do it anyway?
Have you ever tried to sell something overpriced to someone?
Would you happily accept a really expensive gift?
Do you like wearing black and white together?
If so, do you like that just as it is or in some kind of pattern?
Let me guess! You're thinking zebra print, right?
Do you pay very close attention to detail?
Do you like things plain and simple or very detailed?
Have you ever lied to someone that their outfit looked good when it didn't?
You and your best friend were the only people on earth. What do you do?
Do you plan to become very wealthy to some day?
Are you currently searching for a job?
Would you gladly give up your life for a 6 year-old child?
Would you steal a car if some criminal was chasing you?
Right now do you have motive to committ a crime?
Would you take an old and beat up car and fix it up as a project?
Do you have a real sweet tooth? (I do <3)
Have you ever worked really hard on something and no one liked it?
Did they tell you they didn't like it?
Would you be afraid to walk down the street in the middle of the night?
Are you afraid of what is lurking inside of the dark?
If you got the chance to be an undercover cop, would you do it?
If you don't eat all of your food at a restaurant do you take it home?
Have you ever eaten someone else's food because they didn't want it?
Someone leaves a delicious dessert on the counter. What do you do?
Do you take a bite of it and hope no one notices? (That's what I'd do lol)
Have you ever seen the northern lights?
If so, what one word would describe that experience?
Have you wanted to see a movie really bad and it turned out really lame?
What is your favorite thing about being in a movie theater?
Do you remember your first time going to the movies?
If so, what movie did you see? (I saw 'The Parent Trap' <-- newer one)
Do you find it annoying when people text during movies?
Aren't crying babies in the movies the most annoying thing?
Have you ever lied to someone about something just to scare them?
Is it annoying when a person brags about their boyfriend/girlfriend?
And that they get completely hysterical after they break up?
Have you ever been to an anime convention? (I wanna go to one)!
If you could see anyone in the world at this moment, who would it be?
Have you ever done a long survey like this and accidentally closed it?
You have 5 more minutes on the computer. How do you finish everything up?
Do you ever fall asleep watching TV?
Do you ever mind sleeping on the floor?
How many people have you ever shared a bed with?
Was/Is your favorite hiding spot under the bed?
Would you have a party at your parents house without their permission?
What would the world be like if everyone was just like you?
You have just been told you'd go blind in 3 days. What do you do?
Are you a big planning person? Do you plan before going anywhere?
Do you ever sit down and eat breakfast or grab something and go?
Does eating breakfast make you sick? (Makes me sick =[ )
Have you ever had a partner for a project that did absolutely nothing?
Are you dying to say something to someone right this minute?
Well, you better say it now! Quick! This survey is officially over.