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Author: xmjislovex
Created: October 4, 2008
Taken: 163 times
Rated: G

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Hi, this is random.

Created by xmjislovex and taken 163 times on Bzoink
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What's your favourite 5 cent candy?
Do you wear sunglasses?
What's you best friends name?
Do you prefer paper clips or staples?
Do you use iTunes or some other music player?
Do you like calling people or have them call you?
Ever had the smoke alarm go off because of the steam from your shower?
Do you think its funny to annoy people?
Blank paper or lined paper?
Do you shake your batteries to give them a bit more power? (it works!)
Do you have a flat screen monitor or an old school one?
Ever sniffed white out?
Are hotels cool, or gross?
What colour is your comforter?
Do you own a lighter?
What's the worst show on tv right now?
Do you miss any old shows, if so which ones?
Which is better, Spring,Summer,Fall or Winter?
How are your grandparents doing?
Do you have any famous relatives?
Do you care about celebrity gossip?
Where do you work?
Blue, black, or red pens? or another colour?
Have you ever failed a science course in high school?
What's your favourite mall?
Do you go to school dances or events?
What sports do you play?
Do you like movie popcorn or store bought popcorn better?
Do you like Blizzards from Dairy Queen?
Don't you just hate it when your parents bring you grocery shopping?
Do you own CD's? or an iPod or mp3?
What grade are you in?
What's your favourite breakfast food?
Taco bell is gross, isn't it?
Do you ever paint your nails or toenails?
Do you live on a busy street, or a side street?
Do you own any kind of strange animal? ( a chinchilla or something )
Smokings a gross habit right?
How many mirrors in your bedroom?
Do you clean them?
Do you like picture day at school?
Got any plasma tvs in your house?
What's the weather like right now?
Do you like having people over or going out?
What school do you go to?
Do you get ready in the bathroom or your bedroom?
Does your house have a basement?
Do you live in a townhouse/house or apartment?
Does it snow where you live?
Do you like Hot Topic?
Do you have someone whos 19 or 21 to buy you alcohol?
Or do you even drink?
What about smoke weed?
Do you use facebook or myspace?
How many friends do you have?
Ok last question, What's your middle name?