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Author: corset
Created: October 8, 2008
Taken: 1,040 times
Rated: PG

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Our relationship.

Created by corset and taken 1040 times on Bzoink
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About You.
Home town?
Hair color?
Eye color?
About Him.
Home town?
Hair color?
Eye color?
About you two.
When did you two begin dating?
How long has it been since?
What did you think of him?
What did he think of you?
Who asked who?
Did you like him before he asked you?
How old were you two?
What did you think of it at first?
How long have you two known each other?
Has it been a good relationship so far?
Has it been worth it?
Do you think it will continue?
More About Your Relationship.
Do you guys have a special place?
Cutest thing he's ever done?
Cutest thing you've ever done?
Best gift he's ever gave you?
Do you have a "song"?
Any inside jokes?
Where did your first kiss take place?
How far have you gone?
Do you regret anything about it?
Where was your most memorable experience?
Could you give up something for him?
Is he your first anything?
Are you HIS first anything?
Would you change anything about your relationship?
Has he ever cheated on you?
Have you ever cheated on him?
Have you two broken up before?
Why did you get back together?
Have you talked to any of his ex-girlfriends?
Has he talked to any of your ex-boyfriends?
Do you think he would go behind your back?
Do you get jealous easily?
Does he?
Do you think he'd make a good father?
Would you even have children with him?
Do you even want to get married to him?
Where would you want to live?
Has he/you ever..? And other questions.
Has he ever swept you off your feet?
Kissed you in the rain?
Fought with a guy for saying something about your?
Would he even fight for you?
Have you two ever had someone try to break you two up?
Has he ever bought you anything expensive?
Has he ever made you feel warm & fuzzy?
Have you two ever gone away with each other?
Would you make it long distance?
Have you two ever gotten into a fight?
A physical fight?
Have you two had sex?
Has he ever written you a letter?
Gone to a family function of his?
Or has he gone to one of yours?
Have you ever gotten into it with a girl about him?
Would you ever?
Has he ever opened any doors for you?
Have you two ever spent the night together?
Showered together?
Been absolutely, ridiculously silly?
Random questions!
How much do you love him?
What would he do for you?
What would you do for him?
How often do you two talk?
When is your actual anniversary?
Does his family like you?
Does yours like him?
How long do you plan on being with him?
Anyone disapprove?
Has anyone ever tried to interfere?
How often do you two argue?
Do you like it when he surprises you?
Are you proud to be his girlfriend?
Is he proud to be your boyfriend?
When do you feel closest to him?
Do you prefer his hugs or kisses?
Would you change anything about him?
Would he change anything about you?
What's his best trait?
What do you love most about him?
Have you ever gotten on his Myspace/facebook?
Do you trust him?
Does he trust you?
Do you guys tell each other everything?
Any secrets?
What's your favorite thing to do together?
What reminds you of him?
What would you compare your relatonship to?
Has it been an easy relationship?
What's the hardest thing you've overcome?
Do you talk every day?
Final Questions.
Do you truly love him?
Does he make you happy?