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About This Survey

Author: effingsmile
Created: October 12, 2008
Taken: 32 times
Rated: G

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MySpace Survey

Created by effingsmile and taken 32 times on Bzoink
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[[MySpace Profile]]
What is your mood usually like?:
Do you update your mood pretty much everytime it changes?:
Is your display name your real name?:
Are there special characters in your display name?:
What does your headline mean?:
Is your status constant, or do you update it?:
Did you actually put effort into your profile?:
Who/what is in your default picture?:
Is your profile set to private?:
What is your marital status on your profile? Is it true?:
Is the age on your profile your real age?:
What are some of your general interests?:
What are some of your music interests?:
Did you lie about your height/weight on your profile?:
[[Top Friends]]
Ever moved a friend down on your list because you were mad at them?:
Are your Top Friends arranged in a particular order? How?:
Why is your number1 friend your number 1?:
Do you have more girls or boys on your Top Friends?:
Are any bands on your Top Friends?:
Have you personally met everybody on your Top Friends?:
Do you display your Top Friends publically?:
Why is your number 2 friend your number 2?:
Is anybody in your family on your Top Friends?:
Do you check on your friends' profiles to see if you're on their Top?:
Does it make you sad if you see you were moved down on somebody's Top?:
Who is number 3 on your Top Friends?:
[[Online Now!]]
Are you always online?:
Would you say you're addicted to MySpace?:
Do you ever just get on for 3 seconds to see if you have a new message?:
Have you ever stayed online all night waiting for somebody to get on?:
Do you check your MySpace before you leave for school/work?:
Has MySpace ever been a main communication form between you and somebody?:
Have you ever carried on a conversation with a stranger over MySpace?:
Does your profile display when you're online?:
Are you online NOW?: