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Author: captainpat
Created: October 13, 2008
Taken: 180 times
Rated: G

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A halloweeny survery

Created by captainpat and taken 180 times on Bzoink
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So do you remember what your very first costume was?
Why do those packs of just 2 Starbursts taste better than a whole pack
Have you ever egged a house on cabage night?
Do you like the smell of pumpkin guts?
How old were you when you stopped trick or treating?
(or how old WILL you be when you do stop)
As a kid did you watch Charlie Browns holloween special every year?
Do you like candy corn?
Whats the best costume you ever wore?
Do you like watching scary movies on halloween?
Ever notice how Halloween night always has that smokey smell outside?
Are you a big fan of the houses that give out cans of soda?
Whats the best thing you ever got from a house?
Have you ever been so scared on Halloween you cried?
What do you do with the stuff you get that you dont like?
Have you ever been chased by a dog on Halloween?
Who do you ususally go trick or treating with?
Have you ever smashed someone elses pumpkins?
Do you like the band Smashing Pumpkins?
Do you remember elementary school feild trips to the pumpkin patch?
Have you ever hid behind bushes to jump out and scare little kids?
Whats the best haloween candy?
Have you ever eaten so much candy you got sick?
Do you remember comparing who got the most candy with your friends?
If we're not suppose to take candy from strangers why do we on Halloween?
Have you ever had a bat in your house?
If so did you name it Pablo?
Has anyone ever trashed your house on Halloween?
Is there some one you really wish would get their house egged?
Whats the coolest jack-o-lantern carving you ever saw?
Whats grosser Almond Joy or Mary Janes?
What did you go as last year, if anything?
Did you used to hate having school the morning after Halloween?
Did you ever take a sheet and go as a "ghost"
What was the most original thing you ever went as?
Whats the creepiest costume you ever saw someone wear?
Do you like the lady that gives out apples every year?
Have you ever gotten a rock?
What do you think of the house that turns the lights out and gives no candy
Did you love hearing scary ghost stories as a kid?