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Author: mickey-mouse
Created: October 14, 2008
Taken: 740 times
Rated: PG

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Created by mickey-mouse and taken 740 times on Bzoink
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Which do you think is worse in the world today: racism or sexism?
Do you think Religion is the major reason behind terrorism?
Do you think the death penalty is hypocritical? Why?
Honestly, when do you think it's necessary to go to war?
Do you think people are having kids way too young?
On a scale of 1-10 for corrupted do you think the government is?
Do you think it's true that money can't buy happiness?
Do you think pleading insanity in a murder case is fair?
Have you ever been ashamed to be the ethnicity that you are?
Honestly - have you ever changed your appearance to please somebody else?
Honestly, do you think you're better looking than most of your friends?
Honestly, how often do you think about sex?
Do you believe everything you hear from the media?
Have you ever wished death on a person?
Are you content with your weight right now?
Do you have clothes that you wear with the purpose of getting attention?
Is the idea of world peace impossible in your opinion?
What do you honestly think is the root of all evil?
Do you think hitting children is an effective punishment?
Do you believe truly that blood is thicker than water?
Do you think that somebody can be too young to be in love?
Are there any events in your past that you are uncomfortable talking about?
Is the idea of marriage appealing to you at all?
Do you think true love has anything to do with gender?
Do you think it's easier to hate a person or to love a person?
In your opinion, is sex really a way of showing how much you love somebody?
Do you think you could ever forgive a person for committing a murder?
Do you honestly think you grew up too fast?
In your opinion, do you think sex before marriage is wrong?
Do you think your parents did a good job at raising you?