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Author: elcisitiak
Created: October 20, 2008
Taken: 70 times
Rated: G

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I know you're just bored enough to try this...

Created by elcisitiak and taken 70 times on Bzoink
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Let's just jump right in, shall we?
What would make a good nickname for you that nobody actually uses?
If you were to look out the nearest window to you, what would you see?
When was the last time you went swimming in something bigger than a pool?
What's your favorite non-religious holiday?
How do you feel when you watch children fly kites?
Does your mother display a lot of photos around her house?
What is the floor of your bedroom made of?
What's your favorite place to buy furniture?
How likely are you to respond to a question with a nonsensical answer?
What will happen tomorrow that you're most looking forward to today?
Do you ever ask for samples at ice cream shops and then buy nothing?
What is your favorite proverb?
Have you ever seen a movie that was actually better than the book?
Who buys the printer paper in your household?
What type of lighting does the room you're in right now have?
This or That?
Analog or digital clocks?
Metal or glass?
Lamps or candles?
Salt or sugar?
Palm trees or evergreens?
Notepaper or printer paper?
Fountain pen or ballpoint?
Spiral-bound notebooks or three ring binders?
That's all for now!