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Author: xxblaqkelectricxx
Created: October 22, 2008
Taken: 833 times
Rated: G

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My Longest Survey Yet! (215 questions)! (Excellent spelling and grammar)!

Created by xxblaqkelectricxx and taken 833 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever laid on a bed and stayed there for no reason at all?
Do you sit on the mattresses in furniture stores?
Is there still someone you know that treats you like a little kid?
If someone you knew came back from the dead for one day, what would you do?
Do the good always die young?
Has anyone touched you for no reason at all?
Have you ever touched someone without having reason?
Do you mumble a lot?
Where is one place where you truly feel safe?
Have you ever acted like you were sick/hurt to get out of something?
Would you ever lie your way out of a date?
Is there some topics that you aren't very open about?
Has someone ever asked you a question that made you nervous?
If so, did you change the subject or come up with a lie?
Have you ever lied enough that the situation became even worse?
Is the someone you love more that life itself?
Are politics way unnecessary?
Have you ever read the Bill of Rights/Declaration of Independence?
Would you rather become a police officer or a firefighter?
Do you know why police officers are called 'cops'?
If not, back then they called them cops because their badges were copper.
Have you ever had an encounter with a very dangerous animal?
Have you ever become unconscious?
If you saw a mermaid one day when you were alone. Would you tell anyone?
Why or why not? (I'd be afraid no one would believe me)
Do you wish unicorns were real?
Do fish belong in water or on your dinner plate?
Speaking of fish, do they make lame pets?
Is any part of your body numb right now?
Have you ever fed a wild animal people food?
Do you hate being the first person to start a conversation?
Would you rather die or eat another human being?
Do you wish that animals could talk? Why or why not?
How would you react if one day you were able to talk to animals?
Do you think people who say that they 'don't have regrets' telling a lie?
Have you ever called someone a pathological liar?
Are you what they call a 'tree hugger'?
Have you ever sniffed a tree?
If so, what did it smell like?
When was the last time you had a grilled cheese/toastie?
Have you ever made fun of someone's beliefs?
Have you ever made fun of someone's name?
How many cups of coffee do you have to drink to totally become hyper?
Do you ever get hyper off of sugar?
Do you scare people off if/when you become hyper?
Do you like to understand and have good knowledge of things?
Would you ever become a psychologist? How about a psychiatrist?
Do you know what the difference between a psychiatrist and psychologist is?
Seafood is disgusting, isn't it?
Have you ever offended a celebrity?
Do you prefer hotdogs boiled, grilled, or cooked in the microwave?
Do you like your in laws? (if you have any)
Would you marry someone if you thought their parents were insane?
Have you ever been at home and wondered where everyone went?
Did you know grape juice and baking soda can be used as invisible ink?
Are you more of a literal or illiteral person?
People who have good self-control are no fun to argue with. Agree?
Have you ever been stuck in a certain position for minutes or hours?
What do you do if someone offends you? (by purpose or accident)
Is it fun to be mean to little kids?
Have you ever wanted to be a teacher so you could be mean to little kids?
Why do we talk to animals if they can't understand us?
Would you ever jump off of a cliff if you were surrounded by wolves?
If you are talking to someone and they say 'I'm bored', is it offensive?
Have you ever been antisocial at a social event?
Have you ever been embarrassed to discuss something with a doctor?
Do you enjoy talking to people over webcam?
Is webcam good or bad?
Is there a video game that you have beaten everyone you challenged at it?
Do you see the person you like/love in your dreams?
Who are your 4 favorite guitar players?
If you chose Eddie Van Halen, Slash, Jade Puget, or Brian May, you rock, k?
Is pink really the new black?
Or is black the new pink?
Do you like solo artists or an actual band better?
Do your parents/guardians always disapprove of the people you date?
Who is more disapproving when it comes to dating? Mom or dad?
If you had to live on $1 a day, could you do it? (I can't, I'm American)
What do you think about gangsters?
Have you ever called someone a name and you didn't know what it meant?
If someone tells you not to say something do you say it anyway?
If you had to shout something from a mountain top, what would it be?
Would you ever push someone into the middle of the street?
Have you ever been pushed into the middle of the street?
Is pink too girly?
Is black too emo/goth?
If none of those are to your liking then what is your favorite color(s)?
Are you desperate for things to change?
Would you chase the one you love across the world?
Have you loved someone who was engaged to someone else?
Would you consider yourself 'sheltered'?
Are people astounded at your height?
How tall are you, by the way?
Do you talk to people about your problems?
If so, does it make you feel better?
Have you pushed someone down in a line just to get ahead of them?
Have you ever been very sore and didn't know why?
What is worse? Back pain or shoulder pain?
Have you gotten back pain and shoulder pain at the same time?
Has your neck ever hurt by sitting at the computer/TV too long?
Can you understand how some people are really optimistic?
Have you ever known someone that very pessimistic?
Does red and pink go good with black?
Have you ever read something so disgusting you wanted to throw up?
Have you ever overheard someone's conversation?
If so, was it something that you really wanted to hear or not?
Have you ever been so sick you felt like you were going to die?
Has your life ever been hanging from a thread?
Have you ever almost fallen off of something high off the ground?
If so, did someone save you?
Have you ever called the fire department because there was a cat in a tree?
Have you ever prank called 911?
Does ketchup really belong on mac & cheese?
Did you know that you are now on question 118 already?
If it had to be one holiday every day, which holiday would you choose?
Have you ever told someone that you were going to eat them?
Have you ever made your very own Death Note?
Can looks really kill?
Have you ever done an essay or report on your music idol?
If so, what singer/band did you choose?
Do you mind if music has a lot of cussing/cursing in it?
Have you ever gulped a beverage really loud to annoy others?
If someone you didn't like got hurt would you laugh?
Have you ever kissed someone without knowing their name?
Have you ever hoped for something that you knew wasn't going to happen?
Do you always have to have the last words in a conversation?
Have you ever called someone a desert blossom?
Ever kissed someone's hand?
Have you ever blurted out something you were trying to keep a secret?
Have you purposely said something to ruin someone's reputation?
Have you ever ran for class president?
If so, did ya win?
Have you gotten really mad and completely lost it?
If so, did anyone get hurt? Did anything break?
Have you always been the innocent but evil one?
Have you ever been to a meeting and wrote limericks about those around you?
Have you ever done something rebellious to prove you weren't a wimp?
If you could, would you wipe crime off the face of the earth?
Are you terrified of death?
Do you say lol or lulz?
Do you substitute the letter 's' with 'z'?
If so, do you do it every now and then or excessively?
Are you getting tired of ths survey yet?
If you are, too bad! Bear with it a bit longer, k?
What do you think of AC/DC's new album, Black Ice?
Kinda crazy that they still sing, right?
Would you ever name a girl 'Calico'?
What is one name that you would never name your future kids?
Do you hate getting bad breath in the morning?
Would people say your memory is astounding?
Would you like it if you remembered everything you read?
Or do you not remember quite that much?
Have you ever tried to claw your way out of a closet/room/etc.?
Do you know anyone with Pica Syndrome?
Do chew on things a lot?
How about we do some fill in the blanks? (I love these!):
Welcome to the ________.
I have not yet begun to ______.
If you think I'll do that then you're _______.
Take me to the store so I can buy _________.
I can't stand it! This is just so _______.
I'm a ________.
Which therefore makes you a _______.
Watch me ________.
The last thing I want for Christmas is __________.
I'm a rocker, I'm a ________.
I have plenty of room to speak here because _________.
I command you to ________!
Rise up, gather round! Rock this place to the ________.
I'm on the highway to ______.
Lets pack up and move to ________.
Lets get _______.
I'm back in ______.
Black ______.
Let there be ________.
It's Friday so lets _______.
Don't stop me _______.
Tell me you _________.
Blood like _______.
The scariest band ever is ______.
Your love is just _______.
Rock ______.
I wanna rock and roll all _______.
And party every ______.
No one ever said that life was ______.
I will never let __________.
And the cradle will _______.
There is something I want you to __________.
I keep a secret from the ________.
I want to kiss you, but your lips are _____________.
Fake it so then you can ________.
It is such a relief when ________.
I hate it when people _________.
Love is ___________.
Eddie Van Halen is __________.
Something tells me that _______.
Okay, enough of that. Back to the questions. So, did you like that segment?
I hope so, because I did. If you did, and I did then it's cool, right?
Okay, we're on question 203 already. Crazy, right? Almost there!
When you think of Arizona you automatically think....?
Are you a rather gullible person?
Have you ever been hurt for no reason at all?
Have you ever been hiding under an alias?
Do you believe that a lot of myths are actually true?
Have you ever had a nail go through your foot?
If it had to be only daytime or nighttime all day, which would you choose?
Has everyone told you something you didn't want to hear, but was true?
Do you care if people lie to you if it is something you want to hear?
Do you live in your own little world?
Alright, question 214. Did you like this survey? I sure hope so.
How do you feel after taking this survey? Okay, say something quick! -poof-