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Author: shelbyjane109
Created: October 23, 2008
Taken: 42 times
Rated: G

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Some Questions,

Created by shelbyjane109 and taken 42 times on Bzoink
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here are some questions:
What color are your eyes?
What color do you like best on people?
Have you ever kissed your ex, then regretted it?
What's the last thing you drank?
Have you ever asked anyone out?
Do you like halloween [the holiday]?
Have you ever liked someone, who didn't like you back?
Do you like the name Gene?
Does it remind you of anyone?
Have you seen the movie, 'The Last of the Mochicans'?
Do you like the word bloop?
Whats your age?
Whens the last time you saw your father?
If u married the last person you kissed, wat wld be ur last name?
basic; some call it; 'about you!.'
Whats your name?
What color is you natural hair color?
Do you like it?
how young are you?
do you ever watch disney channel?
how about fuse?
yeah, i like fuse. :) .. what's your shoe size?
do you wear earrings?
do you like music generally?
what genre's do you like?
[genre means like rock, rap, country etc.] whats your favorite singer?
do you have a favorite band?
do you like a band, but a member is dead?
do you like any 80's music?
do you ever get on rhapsody?
do you ever listen to country music?
do you ever listen to rap music?
do you ever dance to rap music?
seriously, or just acting stupid with your friends?
Do you like lil' wayne?
what would you do if the election was between him and McCain,?
would you vote for him?
i wouldd.) Do you like Jazz Music?
so, love.♥
Do you like love?
How many people have you dated in the past year?
Remember in kindergarden, how we all had a gf/bf and we never talked to em?
What is your status right now?
Do you like it?
could it be better?
do you like anyone?
what color of eyes do you like best on a gf/bf?
color of hair?
would you rather them to have dark hair, or really light hair?
does it really matter?
do you pick from personality or looks? or both?
Have you ever seriously thought that you were in love with someone?
whats the longest you've ever dated someone?
whats the shortest?
Would you.. :]
Lick your thumb for 10 dollars?
Date someone that was really ugly; but liked you for 50 dollars?
go to school dressed as the oppisette sex?
Cuss out your principal?
Cuss out your mom?
hah, your mom]. drink muddy water?
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school, gwashh.
do you like school?
do you ever get so tired of it that you just fake sick?
do you have a locker? if so, whats the numberof it?
what's your school colors?
do you like them?
mine are ugly.] what/who is your mascot?
are you in any sports at school?
or are you just one of those people that don't realli care?
have you ever dated some1 fm another school?
doesn't work out, does it?
whats your favorite shoe brand?
would you ever wear hollister?
would you ever wear hot-topic clothes?
do you have a job?
are your nails done?
have you ever worn kashmir?
ya know thats a led zeppelin song?
was today a nice day??
what's the date?
did you go to school/work today?
Was it sunny?
huh, well. yeah.] did you have to wear a jacket today?