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Author: dipsliderideout
Created: October 24, 2008
Taken: 133 times
Rated: PG

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top 12:)

Created by dipsliderideout and taken 133 times on Bzoink
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the questions:)
does 1 know 7?
ever gone to a party for/with 9?
Do you think #12 is smarter than you?
Favorite place to chillax with #3?
Whose most likely to become famous in the music world?
Do you know where #11 lives?
Has #5 ever dated #10?
Would #9 and #1 make a good couple?
What about #1 and #2?
If you were going to go skydiving, who would u take?
What's #7's favorite thing to do?
has #11 met #12?
Who would look best on a box of cereal?
Do you have a nickname for #1, if so what is it?
What do you really think of #8?
Anyone in your top who doesnt deserve to be or shouldn't be?
Who would you most likely have the most fun with at Cedar Point?
Who would you want to be in your band with you if you had one?
Who would be the best ice cream truck driver?
Who can cook the best?
Who would win in a Madden game between #1 and #8?
Whose the most athletic?
Whose a better basketball player, #6 or #10?
Who if any can write the best songs?
Who would you like to see in a comercial someday?
What about starring in a TV show?
Could #9 beat #4 in a battle rap?
All of them are at your house and it catches on fire, who causes it?
Who can eat the most food?
Who would be most likely to wear a grill or wear a gold chain?