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Author: xxxtaylorxxx
Created: October 28, 2008
Taken: 1,313 times
Rated: G

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**Top 5 Myspace Friends**

Created by xxxtaylorxxx and taken 1313 times on Bzoink
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What is the name of No.1?
What is the name of No.2?
What is the name of No.3?
What is the name of No.4?
What is the name of No.5?
Have you ever hugged No.1?
Have you ever thought No.1 was cute?
How long have you known No.1?
How did you meet No.1?
Do you want to stay friends with No.1 forever?
How long have you known No.2?
How did you meet No.2?
Have you ever fought with No.2?
How old is No.2?
Have you ever invited No.2 to a party?
Have you ever traveled anywhere with No.3?
Why is No.3 on your tops?
Is No.3 one of your really good friends?
Have you ever had a crush on No.3?
Have you ever cried to No.3?
Have you ever thought No.4 was a freak?
Have you ever swam in a pool or lake with No.4?
Have you ever kissed No.4?
Is No.4 a stubborn person?
Is No.4 really popular?
How long have you known No.5?
Is No.5 an awesome person?
Ever done anything crazy with No.5?
Do/did you go to school with No.5?
When is No.5's birthday?