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Author: another2luvers
Created: October 31, 2008
Taken: 44 times
Rated: G

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Your Deepest Secrets (Fandom Style)

Created by another2luvers and taken 44 times on Bzoink
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First off, do you read fanfiction, view fanart/fanvids, or fanblog?
Which do you prefer?
What type of fanfiction do you read the most? From what series?
Do you prefer cannon pairings or slash pairings?
Do you get annoyed when an official pairing is not what you wanted?
Have you ever gotten fanfiction/fanart confused the real thing?
What is your favorite cannon pairing of any series?
You favorite slash pairing?
Your closet slash cannon pairing?
Your closet cannon pairing? (We all have them)
Do you read fanfictions about the characters\\\' kids?
Do you ever read pregnant male fanfictions?
Do you prefer lemon or lime fanfiction?
The longest fanfiction you\\\'ve ever read?
A fanfiction that made you cry?
Fanfiction that made you laugh the hardest?
Do you know what ZADR is? Is so, what do you think about it?
Have you ever read fanfiction on celebrities?
Do you read Marysues?
Do you read crossovers?
Have you ever written a fanfiction?
What fanfiction is your favorite (that you've written)?
Have you ever read Disney fanfiction?
Do you draw fanart?
Have you ever drawn celebrity fanart?
Your fanart pet peeve?
Your fanfiction pet peeve?
Your favorite fanvid?
Was this survey interesting?
Are you going to read more fanfiction?