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Author: xxblaqkelectricxx
Created: November 1, 2008
Taken: 185 times
Rated: G

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60's - 90's bands! This or that survey! (Excellent Spelling and Grammar)!

Created by xxblaqkelectricxx and taken 185 times on Bzoink
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Alright, get ready for this. This is or that? Bands style!
Van Halen or Guns N' Roses?
MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice?
Queen or AC/DC?
Motley Crue or Poison?
Metallica or Iron Maiden?
*Nsync or The Backstreet Boys?
Nirvana or The Beastie Boys?
Avril Lavigne or Destiny's Child?
Foreigner or Deep Purple?
Quiet Riot or Boston?
Alice Cooper or Kiss?
Simple Plan or Blink 182?
Duran Duran or Foghat?
Lynyrd Skynyrd or Led Zeppelin?
Celine Deon or Savage Garden?
Ozzy Osbourne (as a solo artist) or Black Sabbath?
The Rolling Stones or Bad Company?
Def Leppard or Aerosmith?
The Cars or Bob Seger?
Whitesnake or White Lion?
Wild Cherry or 98 Degrees?
The Eagles or ZZ Top?
Katrina & the Waves or Rick Springfield?
Belinda Carlisle or Men Without Hats?
Tears for Fears or The Village People?
Selena or Vanessa Carlton?
U2 or Blondie?
Twisted Sister or Ted Nugent?
Steppenwolf or Smash Mouth?
The Romantics or Nine Days?
Kane or Kansas?
Judas Priest or Great White?
Huey Lewis & the News or The Doobie Brothers?
David Bowie or Cinderella?
Warrant or Brownsville Station?
Bon Jovi or The Beach Boys?
Abba or Priestess?
Radiohead or Motorhead?
Grand Funk or Gloria Gaynor?
Tim McGraw or Neal McCoy?
Toby Keith or George Strait?
Jethro Tull or Blue Oyster Cult?
The Cult or Living Colour?
Social Distortion or R.E.M?
Michael Jackson or Marilyn Manson?
Alice in Chains or Green Day?
Weezer or Sonic Youth?
Jane's Addiction or Primus?
Stone Temple Pilots or Queens of the Stone Age?
My Bloody Valentine or The Offspring?
Pearl Jam or Buckethead?
Madonna or Eric Clapman?
Jamiroquai or Outkast?
Megadeth or Matchbox 20?
Bare Naked Ladies or Creed?
Garbage or Mountain?
Slayer or Korn?
Sublime or The Red Hot Chili Peppers?
2Pac or The Smashing Pumpkins?
Nine Inch Nails or Rage Against the Machine?
The Misfits or Skid Row?
Counting Crows or Incubus?
Tenacious D or Goo Goo Dolls?
Deo or REO Speedwagon?
Thin Lizzy or Phish?
Iggy Pop or The Scorpions?
Pink Floyd or Night Ranger?
Saga or Dokken?
The Ramones or Styx?
Meatloaf or The White Stripes?
Jimi Hendrix or Elvis Presley?
Cream or The Rascals?
Canned Heat or Blood, Sweat & Tears?
The Byrds or The Buffalo Springfield?
The Doors or Isaac Hayes?
The Zombies or The Kinks?
Little Richard or Genesis?
The Who or The Bee Gees?
Earth, Wind & Fire or Bruce Springsteen?
The Allman Brothers Band or Santana?
Heart or Diana Ross?
The Supremes or The Dramatics?
Golden Earring or Average White Band?
Run DMC or Phil Collins?
The Police or Dire Straits?
The Cure or Hall & Oates?
The Bangles or Chicago?
Cyndi Lauper or Elton John?
New Kids on the Block or The Stone Roses?
Dead Kennedys or B-52's?
Air Supply or Yellowcard?
Billy Ocean or Cher?
Boys Don't Cry or The Clash?
Cutting Crew or Bay City Rollers?
Joan Jett & the Black Hearts or Europe?
Lifehouse or Survivor?
Kutless or Gotthard?
Jet or Anastacia?
Linkin Park or Hawthorne Heights?
Aaron Carter or Pat Benetar?
Boyz II Men or Matthew Sweet?
Right Said Fred or The Reverend Horton Heat?
White Zombie or Salt-N-Pepa?
Hope you enoyed this survey! Yay for music! <3