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Author: blissfullybree
Created: November 3, 2008
Taken: 14 times
Rated: PG

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All in alllll

Created by blissfullybree and taken 14 times on Bzoink
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So basically..
your most embarrassing moment is?
Ahaha, & how exactly did you feel after that?
What article of clothing do you own the most of?
Really, that much?! Geez, how do you pay for it?
If yuo could work anywhere, where would you choose?
For what reason?
Do you believe you're a good person?
What is the BEST old song to shake that rump to?
How'd you get your worst injury?
Let's talk about love babyyy, let's talk about you & meee..
How many times have you TRUELY fallen, stumbled, or tripped in love?
If never, do you think you'll ever fall?
It's amazing, I'll tell ya! What's your relationship status anyway?
How happy are you about that?
How many amazing friends could you honestly not live without?
Do you have liars as friends? Would you put up with them?
Have you ever been naked in front of a friend?
Craziest thing you've done with a friend?
Currrrently or soonish!
You know you're supposed to be doing something other than THIS; what is it?
Anything exciting coming up?
Ooh, I bet you're stoked about that! Anything you're dreading?
Are you truely happy with the way life's going? What would you change?
Thinking out of the box..
Do you believe the world's doomed no matter who's president or in charge?
What is one thing you wish for everyone including yourself?
What is something you've always wondered about?