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Author: nerdishh
Created: November 6, 2008
Taken: 272 times
Rated: PG

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A Long Survey With REAL ORIGINAL Questions! Excellent Grammar, Spelling, Random, & My Cat Says Hi!

Created by nerdishh and taken 272 times on Bzoink
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Long time no see, eh? Ch'ere we go! :3
How do you feel about our President Elect, Obama?
What is your opinion on your English teacher?
Have you ever considered living in Los Angeles?
Do you know who Lou Dobbs is?
Should Sweeney Todd and Cruella Devil get married?
How many mega pixles does your camera have?
Do you have an urge to dye your hair? What color?
Should days be longer?
Did the Bejing Olympics make you want to visit China?
Have you ever tried Active-on/Head-on?
If you could have a unicorn as a pet, would you?
How often do you go to the state fair?
Were you one of those kids that loved Dr. Suess books?
What are you doing for Christmas?
What percent of the population is left handed?
Are the Asians you know smart?
What would be a cute name for a gold fish?
Do you still use kiddy sizors?
How often do you procrastonate?
How many DVDs do you own? (Not your parents.)
What do you think of Miley Cyrus?
What has been the best concert you've been to?
What has been your favorite Principal?
Would you rather have to wear round or square glasses?
Do you like Amy Winehouse's music?
Did you support John Kerry or George W. Bush?
Should Perez Hilton run for President?
What channel do you watch the most?
What is your favorite Shakespeare book?
Are you more of a Myspace or Facebook person?
Do you like the new Facebook layout?
Do you feel awkward listening to explicit song in front of your parents?
What political party do you affiliate yourself with?
Do you like laptops or desktops better?
What is your favorite Tim Burton film?
What is the second to last letter of your crush's first name?
Do you ever think you're fat?
What would you do if someone offered you a joint?
What will you be doing 40 days from now?
What is your favorite sports drink?
How often do you wear jewelry?
What is your GPA?
Have you already started on your Christmas list? What did you put on it?
Do you hand socks above the fireplace?
Have you ever gotten candy on your birthday?
What color is your favorite shirt?
Are your favorite pair of jeans skinny?
What do you think is the most complicated language to learn?
Have you ever met someone from a foreign country?
Do you think Mitt Romney is cute?
Baha. That last one was for giggles. ;) Because I do.
Oh yeah! And 13-30% of the population are left handed.