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Author: nicolexoxo123
Created: November 7, 2008
Taken: 180 times
Rated: G

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Created by nicolexoxo123 and taken 180 times on Bzoink
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Who are you?
How old are you?
Whats your gender?
Hows life treating you?
Who is he?
How old is this guy?
Whats he look like?
Is he nice?
The love life~
How long have you two been dating?
Hows is going for you?
Does he treat you right?
Do you's fight alot?
Do you think you two will last forever?
Want children?
How many?
Have sex yet?
If so, was it with him?
Kiss yet?
Hug yet?
Fight yet?
Hold hands often?
Date of anniversary?
His birthday?
What is his middle name?
Whats his style of clothing?
Do you remember your first kiss?
Tell us about it.
Do you love him?
How much?
What song reminds you of him?
Whats his favorite food?
Who is his favorite band?
Does he have a myspace?
Is he number one?
If not, where is he?
Do yous cuddle?
How often do you's hang out?
Hold hands during school? (If in school).
Kiss in school?
How much do you really know him?
Better than his ex?
Do you hate his ex?
Does he hate yours?
Get in any fights with girls because of him?
Care for him?
Love him?
Are you loyal to him?
Did he ever cheat on you?
Do you think he will? If he didn't.
Ever cheat on him?
Will you?
Whats his last name?
Whats some of his nicknames?
Whats he like to do?
Do yous text?
Do you talk on the phone?
Does he drive?
Or do you?
Does he pay for you?
Or do you both pay, every now and then?
Hope it lasts as long as you always wanted?
Did you hate this survey?
How was it?
What time is it?
The date?
Bye :)