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Author: mrskurtcobain
Created: November 8, 2008
Taken: 944 times
Rated: G

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that guy youre in love with.

Created by mrskurtcobain and taken 944 times on Bzoink
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whats his name?
how old is he
are you dating
if not, why not
do you love him
have you told him that
is he your best friend
could you tell him anything
what makes him so special
have you kissed
how was it
what else have you done
have you done anything illegal together
do you talk on the phone
is he cute
does he turn you on
whats your favorite thing about him
least favorite
have you ever gotten in a fight
have you ever hated him
are you guys alike
whats his personality like
does he try hard in school
does he play an instrument
whats his favorite band
do you wear his clothes
whats your best memory with him
what would you do if he died
do you want to marry him
is it real love
how often do you seem him
what do you guys talk about
what song describes you
have you ever...
talked on the phone for over an hour
made out
held hands
kissed in public
gone to third
had sex
gotten caught up and gone a little farther than planned
kissed him when you shouldnt have
thought of him while kissing someone else
broken his heart
have him break yours