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Author: jazzlikemraz
Created: November 11, 2008
Taken: 140 times
Rated: G

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More Then Your Name

Created by jazzlikemraz and taken 140 times on Bzoink
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.. Just incase filling out your personal stats wasn\'t enough ..
Do you think you are better then any of your friends?
Do you trust one gender easier as opposed to the other?
Do you actually get your daily servings of fruits and veggitables everday?
Is there anything you do in private that you'd be ashamed to admit to?
Would you ever want to travle the world and have no perminant home?
If money were no object, what would you ask for, for Christmas?
Do you ever just stand in the middle of a room and scream?
What hobby [of yours] would you want to turn into a career?
Would you flea the country if your government mandated one religion to all?
Do you blindly trust all police officers?
Is there something they make for kids that you wish they made for adults?
If you collect change, what do you collect it in?
Do you wish that nap time/recess carried through to high/middle school?
Are there any articles of clothing that you can't wear, but still keep?
Are you happy with who your immediate family is?
Did you ever collect troll dolls when they were popular?
What were your favourite recess games to play?
Were you ever in a band?
Would you ever want to be?
What is your favourite temprature to sleep in?
If you were to own plants, could you keep them alive?
Is there a goal/dream that you feel is unachievable?
Do you have any things from your childhood you'd pass on to your kids?
Is it easy or hard for you to buy gifts for your friends/family?
Without having to go to work, how would you want to earn money?
Do you have Cookbooks that you use regularly?
Do you even know how to cook?
What is something you want, but you have to wait for?
Are you able to do math easily in your head?
What is one thing that is currently banned by law that you would change?
Do you trust people easily?
Is there an elextronic devide it seems everyone has that you don't have?
Where is one place in the world you could never see yourself going to?
Is there an actor/actress you wish would retire out of the limelight?
Have you ever been addicted to any video games?
If you could choose the place you died, where in the world would it be?
Are you a homebody, or do you prefer getting out on the town?
Is your town full of exciting things to do, or no?
Would you ever live in a big city like NYC or Chicago?
What is the weather like right now?
Would you muder someone if you knew you'd never be caught?
Do you think 9/11 was a conspiracy?