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Author: beachbum47
Created: November 12, 2008
Taken: 111 times
Rated: PG

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@Your Friends@

Created by beachbum47 and taken 111 times on Bzoink
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-do you have a lot of friends-
-do you have friends that you can trust with your life-
-do you think it's better to have lots of friends or just a couple BFFL's-
-have you ever met a person who turned out to be a backstabber-
-or have u met a person && then learned they never liked you at all-
-what do u think of friends who lie-
-have u ever lied to a friend-
-if so, about what-
-have u ever stolen anything from a friend-
-if yes, what was it & did u ever return it-
-have you ever dated a friend-
-have u ever liked a friend that way-
-has a friend ever lied to u-
-have you ever had a crush on a friend's parents-
-has a friend ever stayed with you for longer than a month-
-who is ur closest and bestest friend-
-how old were u when u met that person-
-do you have slumber parties with your friends-
-have you ever dated a friend's ex-
-has a friend ever dated ur ex-
-if so, how did u react when u found out-
-do you fight a lot with your friends-
-if yes, what are the fights about-
-how do u feel about people dating their friends-
-have u ever started a rumor about one of ur friends-
-if yes what was it-
-have u ever "done it" with one of your friends-
-if yes would u do it again-
-has a friend ever stolen anything from u-
-if yes what was it && did u ever get it back-