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About This Survey

Author: elfalienvampire
Created: November 16, 2008
Taken: 91 times
Rated: PG

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Got an ex that's still your friend? Me too! You should take my survey about it!

Created by elfalienvampire and taken 91 times on Bzoink
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So who is this guy? (Initials if you wish...)
Where does he go to school if he does?
Where does he work if he does?
His age:
Your age:
Describe his appearance:
When did you start going out?
Did he ask you, or did you ask him?
Was "I love you" ever said?
If so, who said it first?
Did you hold hands?
Slow dance?
Do something more than that?
When did you break up?
Did one person initiate the breakup?
Was the other person ready to let go?
If not, did you/he eventually get over it?
Are you still friends?
How often do you see each other?
Which do you like better, being friends with him or going out with him?
Is he still as nice to you as he was when you were going out?
Are you still as nice to him?
Is it awkward hanging out with him?
Do people see you together and assume you're a couple?
Don't you hate having to correct them?
Does he like anyone else?
If so, do you mind?
Do you like anyone else?
Does it bother him?
Are you still attracted to him?
Would you want to date him again?
Do you think he's still attracted to you?
Do you think he'd date you again?
Are you actively looking for another person to go out with?
Is he?
Any luck yet? (for either of you)
What do you miss the most about being together?
What's something you definitely DON'T miss about being together?
Is there anything you wish you guys had done together before you broke up?
Is there any way that could still happen?
Do certain songs remind you of when you were going out?
Do you hate those songs now??? (darn you Secondhand Serenade...)
If he were to come to your door right now wanting to get back together...
Or would you be the one at his door?
If he's into someone new, are you jealous?
If you have a new crush/bf, is he jealous?
Do you regret going out with him?
Are you glad you are still friends?
Do you think you'll be friends for a long time?
Do you still think he's an awesome guy?
Would you warn your friends not to date him...
or would you set him up with one of them? LOL
If you were going to get back together, what would have to change?
What would you *never* want to change?
Have you talked about maybe getting back together?
If so, do you think he meant it, or was he just humoring you?
Did YOU mean it, or were you just humoring him?
Did he cheat on you?
If he did, have you forgiven him?
Did you cheat on him?
If you did, has he forgiven you?
Did you break up because one or both of you found someone else?
Or was it a totally different reason?
How long did your relationship last?
Did you see the breakup coming?
Should you have?
Was he the best guy you ever dated?
When you two broke up, did you cry?
In front of him, or alone in your room, or to your friends, or what?
Do you feel dumb for crying now?
Are you better off as friends?
One more thing: do you still think he's pretty awesome as guys go?