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Author: stiinaa
Created: November 23, 2008
Taken: 172 times
Rated: G

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Created by stiinaa and taken 172 times on Bzoink
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Do you have any stuffed animals from Build-a-Bear Workshop?
When was the last time that you ate fruit?
Can you pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time??
Do you listen to country music?
Are you the generic person?
Have you ever had your palms read?
Do you know what a fuzzy navel is?
Do you like peaches?
Do you have in fruit trees in your backyard?
When was the last time your lawn was mowed?
Have you ever been hit in the face really hard?
Do you hate anyone?
Do you like fingerpainting?
Are you sick?
Do you use flashlights when there is a blackout?
Do you like black coffee?
Have you ever stolen from a store before?
Do you like the color yellow?
Do you like calm, pretty colors or wild, bright, flashy colors?
Do you collect coins?
When was the last time you rode a bike?
Have you ever walked on stilts?
Is there anything orange on your computer screen?
Do you use Dial-up?
Who was the last person that you called?
How many letters are in your middle name?
Do you collect seashells?
Have you ever been to New York City?
Do you like to bake cupcakes?
How old were you 10 years ago?
Do you age well?
How many lamps are in the room that you are currently in?
What color is your keyboard?
When was the last time that you clipped your fingernails?
What about your toenails?
Have you ever had the chicken pox?
Do you like history?
Do you wear deodorant all the time?
Do you tend to tangle things up?
Can you unknot knots?
When did you first learn how to tie your shoes?
How different is the world today, than it was 5 years ago?
What kind of car would you like to have?
How loud is the volume on your computer?
Name 5 things that are in your room.
Do you like the number 46?
Have you ever left your handprint in wet concrete?
Do you vaccuum?
When was the last time that you graduated from a grade?
Do you have a nickname?
Can you wiggle your ears?
Have you ever been in a commercial before?
Have you ever built a castle out of cardboard?
Do you really ever get too old for certain things?
Do you like apple juice?
Have you ever been to Europe?
Can you whistle?
Do you celebrate Christmas?
Do you have a New Years Resolution?
How thick is your hair?
Would you ever go bald?
Have you ever wanted to grow a beard or mustache?
Do you use highlighters?
Are you a very traditional person?
Do you feel awkward around certain people?
Do you like bananas?
Do you like Febreeze?
How many children do you want?
How tall are you?