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Author: meentas
Created: November 23, 2008
Taken: 670 times
Rated: PG

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Historical, Personal, Moral and Other Unique Questions about YOU. [PART 1]

Created by meentas and taken 670 times on Bzoink
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State you live in:
Phone Number:
Today's Date:
Place of birth:
Date of Birth:
Education Level:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Distinguishing Body Marks:
Blood Type:
Mother's Full Name:
Her Date of Birth:
Father's Full Name:
His Date of Birth:
Mothers Maiden Name:
Your Mothers Siblings Names:
Names of Maternal Grandparents:
Names of Paternal Grandparents:
Mother's Family Comes From:
Father's Family Comes From:
Famour or Notable Family Member or Ancestor:
Color You Like to Wear:
Regardless of Size or Circumstance,an Animal You Would Like To Own as a Pet
A Flower You Would Like To Grow in Your Garden:
Your Lucky Number:
A Smell That Makes You Pause:
A Taste That Makes You Melt:
A Hobby That Occupies Your Time:
A Sport You Enjoy Watching:
A Sport You Enjoy Playing:
A City You Like to Visit:
A Country You Would Like To Explore:
Your Favorite Meal:
A Drink You Often Order:
A Delicious Dessert:
A Game You Like To Play:
A Book You Strongly Reccomend:
An Auther Who Has Affected You:
The Magazine You Read Most Often:
The Newspaper You Prefer To Read on Sundays:
Music You Prefer To Listen To When Your Alone:
The singer or band you currently listen to the most:
The film you could watch over and over:
A director you admire:
An actress whote performances you admire:
An Actor whose performances you admire:
A TV show you watch regularly:
an artist whose work you highly respect:
a piece of clothing you love to wear:
A monument you would like to have a view of from your bedroom:
Your favorite place to sit at home:
Your Motto:
-The Future Of Your Labor-
Your Childrens [to be ] Names:
Their Ages:
Your Pets:
You Live in A:
Your transportation:
Your Watch:
Your Cologne or Purfume:
Somthing important on your desk right now:
On your wall hangs:
Under your bed or in your closet you hide:
Something important on your night table:
When you sleep, you wear:
If you had a safe, you would keep:
Things you like to buy:
If you could afford it at this moment, you would buy:
You Collect:
You dont have alot of:
Your strangest possession:
Your most expensive possession:
Your Most prized possession:
Material Possessions are:
If your house was burning and you could only save 3 things, they would be:
Something forbidden you have done that might shock your closest friends:
People should not marry before this age:
People should not have kids before this age:
The appropriate age for having sex:
Your most recent lie:
When you are late you [{1}: tell a white lie or {2}: tell the truth]:
A lie you tell your self secretly:
Something you've stolen that was not worth the risk:
One person you have killed in your thoughts:
One person you might kill if the law would protect you:
One thing in this world you are addicted to:
A drug or alcoholic beverage you take on a regular basis:
If there were no side effects, you would enjoy being addicted to:
Drugs you have tried in the past:
A drug you would never try:
You believe hitting a child is an appropriate form of dicipline:
You have read or gone through someones diary:
If yes, which best describes your reason? [Jealousy, Distrust, Curiosity]
What did you discover?
What would your reaction be if your spouse or partner cheated on you?
A time you purposely hurt someone emotionally:
You have apologized:
A time you accidentally hurt someone emotionally:
You have apologized [yes or no]:
You owe someone back but have stalled in paying it back:
If yes, what is the amount?
-God and The World-
Do you believe in God?
Describe God:
What religion were you raised with?
Do you practice that religion?
Your most spiritual moment:
The last time you were in a house of worship:
Death is:
How you picture the end of the world:
God has spoken to you [yes or no]:
If yes, what did God tell you?
Do you feel that most wars started because of religious conflics?
Do life exist on other planets?
Have they made contact with you?
Do you believe we are descendants of Adam and Eve?
Do you believe in evolution?
Do you read your horoscope?
If yes, Why?
Have you ever been treated by a therapist?
If yes, Why?
Do you believe in reincarnation?
If you do, you would like to come back as:
-What do you think about:
The right to own guns:
the welfare system:
the death penalty:
illegal immigration:
legalization of drugs:
equal rights for homosexuals:
the practice of pre-marital sex:
Which issue from the above concerns you the most?
On behalf of this issue you have{1}Donated Time {2} Donated Money 4 Nothing
The minimum punishment for child molesters should be:
The minimum punishment for those who rape should be:
You would fight in a war if:
Worst crime against humanity:
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