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Author: silverpwnsyoursoul
Created: November 25, 2008
Taken: 359 times
Rated: G

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Myspace Top Girl and Top Boy

Created by silverpwnsyoursoul and taken 359 times on Bzoink
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Top Girl
Is she your bff?
Is she your gf? *haha, I almost put "Is she your gf/bf" whoops!*
What's something you two have in common?
What's something annoying about her?
What's the worst thing she's done to you?
How often do you two hang?
Has she ever physically hurt you?
How well do you two get along?
Is she in a relationship?
What's the strangest thing she's ever done?
What is the most peculiar thing she has ever said?
Do you like the way she dresses?
Would you ever want to kiss her?
Who does she idolize?
How long have you two known each other?
How did you meet?
If you two got in a fist fight, who do you think would win?
What is something you two often talk about?
What do you two do when you hang out?
How often do you two hang out?
What is her favorite topic of discussion?
Is she lovely?
On a scale of 1-10, 1 being most & 10 being least, how entertaining is she?
Does she like Alaska?
How about penguins?
If you could tell her anything, what would you tell her?
Say something that only you two would get =D!!!
Does she wear glasses?
Do/did you guys go to school together?
Top Boy
What's the best thing about him?
What's the worst thing you've done to him?
Have you guys ever gone out?
Is he cool?
When is the last time you've seen him?
When is the next time you'll see him?
If he were an animal, what kind of animal do you think he would be?
If you guys played rock, paper, scissors, what would he probabl throw down?
What are a few of his hobbies?
How often do you talk to him?
Are you satisfied with that?
Who does he idolize?
Is he your bff?
Is he in a relationship ;D?
How many cats does he have?
Has he ever been on a plane?
What's something that annoys you about him?
How far away does he live from you?
How often do you two hang?
Have you ever made him watch a movie he didn't really wanna see?
Is he gay?
If he were in a show, what show would it be?
What country was he born in?
Is he older or younger than you?
By how much?
If your top girl and your top boy got into a fist fight, who would win?
Would he be annoyed w/ my slight fixation with fist fights in this survey?
Is he fun to talk to?
If you could go anywhere with him, where would you wanna go?