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Author: stiinaa
Created: November 26, 2008
Taken: 252 times
Rated: G

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Happily Ever After

Created by stiinaa and taken 252 times on Bzoink
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What color is the couch in your living room?
Do you have tile floor in your kitchen?
How long would you like your hair to be?
Do you pop your toes?
Do you curse a lot?
Have you ever wanted to be an astronaut?
Have you ever counted past 1000?
Do you own any plaid, button-up clothing?
Do you know anyone with a unibrow?
Have you ever seen a unicorn?
Have you ever ridden a unicycle?
Have you ever wanted to join the circus?
What color is the desktop on your computer?
Do you know how to do self-defense?
Do you know how to swim?
Do you like spicy foods?
Does the number 81-23 mean anything to you?
Have you ever wanted a pet bunny?
Do you own a pair of white shoes?
Does your hair ever stick up when you wake up?
How many hours of sleep do you usually sleep?
Do you put on lotion?
Did you use baby shampoo when you were a baby?
Did you ever use it when you weren't a baby?
How many teeth do you have?
Is your hand bigger than your face?
Do you like grape popsicles?
Do you like the movie Cinderella?
Do you know how to play the guitar?
Do you like Hershey's with Peanuts?
Do you like to eat almonds?
What is the weathercurrently like, where you live?
Have you ever met someone famous?
Have any of your wishes ever come true?
What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?
Do you know how to play ping-pong?
Have you done anything illegal in the past 48 hours?
Have you ever thought that you were literally going to die?
Where is your favorite place to be?
Do you secretly admire somebody?
Do you like to watch Charlie Brown?
Did your parents dress you when you were a little kid?
Have you grown at all in the past 3 years?
Do you like to eat microwaveable foods?
Do you like Macoroni and Cheese?
Did you ever watch the movie Juno?
Do you own a compass?
Do you use an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning?
What do your hands smell like right now?
Have you ever been to Mexico?
How about Vegas?
What is the color of the shirt that you are wearing?
Are you ears clean?
Are the bottom of your feet clean?
When was the last time you left town, and why?
Do you like to eat popcorn?
What time do you usually go to sleep at night?
Do you like taking naps?
What did you do yesterday?
Do you put on deodorant everday?
Do you like really salty food?
Do you know how to bake?
Do you like mashed potatoes?
Do you know how to tie a tie?
Have you ever watched SpongeBob?
What do you do for the holidays?
Do you like ketchup?
What about Mustard?
Do you tend to get your clothes dirty when you eat?
Have you ever worn your Birthday Suit in public?
Where do you buy your underwear from?
Have you ever been in a really bad accident?
Do you ever walk around with just socks on your feet?
Can you stuff your entire fist in your mouth?
Do you believe that you can reall live Happily Ever After?