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Author: amandahudson48
Created: November 26, 2008
Taken: 122 times
Rated: G

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Your Top Four. Oh yeaahhh.

Created by amandahudson48 and taken 122 times on Bzoink
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Who's your number one?
Why exactly are they your number one?
What do you like best about them?
Do you tell them everything?
Have you ever kissed them?
Awesome. Who's your number two?
What's your relationship with them?
When'd you last see them?
Do you two have an inside joke?
Are they single?
Okay, who's number three?
What's their best personality trait?
Have you ever fought with them?
What's the last thing you did with them?
When's the next time you'll see them?
Who's number four?
On a scale of 1-5 (5 highest) how important are they to you?
Have you ever told them a secret?
What's one thing you don't like about them?
What do you usually talk about with them?
Now, who do you think is the most attractive?
Who would you most like to be tied to for 24 hours?
Have you kissed any of your top 4?
Of the four, who did you hang out with last?
Who's the funnest?
Do you go to school/work with any of these people?
Who do you hang out with the most?
If you could only talk to one of them, who would it be?