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Author: montecarlo3333
Created: November 26, 2008
Taken: 302 times
Rated: G

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top 11. yes i said 11.

Created by montecarlo3333 and taken 302 times on Bzoink
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Number 1
so who is it?
why is this person number 1?
do you love this person?
are yall going out?
are yall family?
ever partied together?
whats their fave drink?
go to school together?
go to work together?
whats their parents names?
do they have any siblings?
do they drink?
do they smoke?
are they a boy or a girl?
are they crazy?
describe them in 1 word.
Number 2!
so who is it?
boy or girl?
are they family?
whats the latest yall have stayed up to talk?
do they have pretty hair?
is there something you wanna tell them?
are you worried about them at the moment?
what do they say to make you laugh?
whats the last thing they said out loud to you?
when was the last time they messaged you?
describe them in 2 words.
Number 3!
who is it?
whats their favorite drink?
how old are they?
do you know their birthday?
would you do anything for them?
do yall ever go shopping together?
would you die for them?
ever cried over them?
ever wanna just punch them in the face? (truthfully)
why or why not?
what are you on their top?
whats their fave song?
describe them in 3 words.
Number 4!
who is it?
why arnt they one?
what do they want to be when they grow up?
do you tell them all your secrets?
are they funny?
or do they just think they are?
ever seen them dance?
ever heard them sing?
are they bad at either?
ever been alone with them?
ever hit them?
describe them in 4 words.
who is it?
who was number 5 before this person?
ever seen them cry?
on a scale 1-10 how hot are they?
would you kiss them?
are they family?
are they crazy.?
whats their fave thing to watch on t.v.?
do they have a good personality?
describe them in 5 words.
number 6!
who are they?
would they die for you?
have they ever stole your bf/gf?
you ever steal theirs?
ever fight over someone with them?
what are you on their top?
do you love them?
are you in love with them?
would you go to the ends of the earth for them?
go to school/work with them?
describe them in 6 words.
number 7!
who are they?
how old are they?
ever throw them a bday party?
ever going to?
do they have a bf/gf?
if so who?
do yall have a song?
do you want them to be in yor wedding?
wuts their fave kind of candy?
do they prefer coke or pepsi?
what state do they live in?
even got in a fight with them?
describe them in 7 words.
number 8!
who are they?
why are they number 8?
whats their screen name?
do they have a myyearbook account?
have they ever been to a concert with you?
whats their face number?
ever seen their underwear?
what color were they?
ever hated this person?
ever liked their bf/gf?
describe this person in 8 words.
number 9!
who are they?
ever gotten mad at them over something stupid?
boy or girl?
do they have kids?
do you know their parents?
are they an animal person?
whered you meet them?
are they cute?
do you know their number by heart?
do they know the cupid shuffle?
describe them in 9 words.
number 10!
who are they?
do they get on their account alot?
when was the last time they wrote you?
do you know their email address?
when was the last time yall did something fun?
ever played hookie with this person?
ever wanted to hurt them?
ever been in their house?
are they nice?
why are they number 10?
describe them in 10 words.
number 11!!!
who are they?
whered yall meet?
are they outgoing?
when was the last time you saw them?
do you miss them?
how many siblings do they have?
do they have a bf/gf?
how old are they?
ever danced with them?
do you love them?
do they love you?
describe them in 11 words.
who is the...
most wonderous?
one who makes you laugh the most?
most annoying?
most talkative?
most boring?
would 3 and 7 make a good couple?
wut bout 9 and 1?
11 and 10?
5 and 2?
2 and 8?
11 and 6?
4 and 2?
1 and 11?
who will prolly repost this?
any of them your family?
any of them family?
why did you take this survey?
was it worth it?
how long did it take you to complete?