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Author: laurenpwns
Created: November 27, 2008
Taken: 508 times
Rated: G

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i'll always be the light inside your tunnels; vessels.

Created by laurenpwns and taken 508 times on Bzoink
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Which pair of pants that you own, are your favorites? Why do you like them?
Were you a 80's or a 90's child? What year were you born exactly?
Tell me, what is your favorite radio station you listen to regularly? Why?
Do you have a thing for Mitchell Davis? Do you think he's adorable?
Have you ever had any kind of dangerous addiction? What's this addiction?
Are your parents still married, divorced, or split up? Like this decision?
How many times a week do you listen to your favorite song? What is it?
Are you a rap or hip hop fan? Do you listen to it on a daily basis?
Have you ever heard of Hollywood Undead? Do you like them?
Do you tend to call your little siblings diseases? Are they mean to you?
Have your friends ever told you something really personal? Was it weird?
Has anyone ever called you a coward before? Who called you that?
Have you ever written a whole song before? What was the title to it?
What is one way you enjoy expressing yourself? Is this way enjoyable?
Do you have a playlist on Project Playlist? What is your username on there?
Are you a Jeffree Star fan? Or no? Do you think he's awesome/dumb?
What stereotype do you think is uterly overrated? Do you hate it?
What's your favorite fast-food restraunt? What do you order there?
Do you enjoy listening to a horrible genre of music? To make fun of it.
Do you tend to call people stupid? Is this a habit of your's? Or no?
Are any of your relatives rednecks? Where do these rednecks live anyways?
How many people from Oklahoma do you know? Do you live there?
Are your sheets clean? Or no? Why are they/aren't they clean?
Do you like answering personal questions? Like the ones in this survey.
Do you ever sit around and just, smell markers? Do they smell good?
Has anyone ever told you, you have stoner eyes? Do you agree?
Do you hate 80's music? Or do you have an obsession for this music?
Are any of your favorite shows too dirty for television? Which ones?
Why do you think Obama got elected? Was it because of his promises?
Do you ever have a tendency to stab a picture of Miley Cyrus? I do.
Are there any colorful quilts in your room? Which ones are colorful?
Has your grandmother ever made you anything? Not including cookies.
Do you own a guitar? Specify. Which brand of guitar do you own?
Are you listening to music? What are you listening to? Song & Artist?
Are you pumped for Christmas? Why or why not?
How many times a day do you say no? To who usually do you say it to?
Are you a monogamous person? Or do you hate commitment?
Are there any VH1 shows that just creep you out? Which ones?
Do you enjoy listening to techno music? What types of techno music?
Do you like Shiny Toy Guns? Whats your favorite song by them, if so?
What do you call yourself when talking? Speaking in third person POV.
Do you have any embarassing nicknames? What are these nicknames?
Are there any people who disgust you? Who are these people?
Do you disgust anyone? Did they tell you that? Why is this, anyways?
Do you think Trace Cyrus is cute? Or do you think he's disgusting?