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Author: moonbeam94
Created: November 28, 2008
Taken: 515 times
Rated: G

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Enter the first line of the next song XD

Created by moonbeam94 and taken 515 times on Bzoink
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K so I'll give you a situation, you'll press the arrow on your music player
and enter the first line of the next song, whether it makes sense or not XD
A loved passes away, and the first thing you say during your speech is:
You stub your toe and scream:
Something you've always wanted to say to your crush/S.O is:
Your having people pose for a picture and you say "Say ____!:"
Your Bff calls you at 2AM just to say:
The breakup line your bf/gf uses on you is:
You reject somebody who likes you by saying:
You are forced to be partners with the person you dislike most. You think:
You goto a party and walk in screaming:
Your crush finally decides to tell you he loves you, and you reply with:
You fall asleep and class, and as you awake you blurt out:
You are asked to sing the s.p.b.@ a football game and accidentally end up
A description of yuor enemy:
You had a baby and the first thing you thought about them was:
Your best friend steals your bf/gf and you say:
You move out of your house and write an email to your friends saying:
A description of your mom:
Aaand your pet/friends pet:
You love to:
You dump water on your best friend because:
In the shower, you are thinking about:
Your motto is:
When your mom doesnt allow you to go to a party, you scream:
You are called stupid, you come back with:
I ask you to save your results:
K. So please save yor results? xD -Sam