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Author: livingdeadgirl11
Created: December 4, 2008
Taken: 129 times
Rated: PG

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Your Friends and You on a Reality Show!

Created by livingdeadgirl11 and taken 129 times on Bzoink
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Pick Your Friends (Yourself included as one of the boys/girls)
Boy 1 and 2
Boy 3 and 4
Boy 5
Boy 6
Girl 1 and 2
Girl 3 and 4
Girl 5
Girl 6
What are you competing for? Love or Money? Both?
If for love, whos?
If for money, how much?
Anything else to win?
Name the show
Who dances to get on?
Who strips to get on?
Who tells funny jokes?
Who tells bad ones?
Who just talks about great they are for the show?
Who says its a mistake if they're not cast?
Who acts to get on?
Who plays music to get on?
Who has the best auditon video?
Who has the worst?
Who has the most original one?
Who tryed out but didnt get on? (Someone not included already)
What do you do to get on?
Congrats! You're all in!
Who screams in happiness?
Who's surprised?
Who's not surprised?
Who's telling everyone?
Who's keeping it to themselves?
The Ride There...
Where does the show take place?
How do you get there?
Who's screaming the whole way?
Who's blasting the music?
Is it a calm or crazy ride?
Who's already making up stategies to win?
Who's gettting drunk in the limo on the way there?
Ok! First Round!
Who forms an alliance?
Who decides to go this one alone?
Who wins?
Who fails miserably?
Who sneaks around behind everyone's back?
Who is the crazy person on the show?
Who's the quiet schemer?
Who uses dirty deeds to further themselves?
Team Round! One Boy One Girl...
Team One
Team Two
Team Three
Team Four
What is the challenge?
Who wins?
Who loses?
Who are the first to people to have a romance?
The 2nd couple?
Whos the whorish one?
Who yells at everyone all the time to keep focused?
Who goes straight to the person your competing for?
Whos the first to go?
The second?
The third?
The fourth?
The fifth?
The sixith?
Who are the final two?
Who wins?
Shows up! Time to watch on tv!
Who is throwing a party for the first episode?
Who still has hard feelings after the show?
Whos seriously disapointed they didnt win?
Who doesnt care and just thought it was fun?
Whos telling EVERYONE they know to watch it?
Whos the person who tells random people to watch?
Whos getting their own spin-off show?
What did the winner do with the money/person they won?