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Author: asiatribal
Created: December 5, 2008
Taken: 481 times
Rated: PG

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Turn ons and turn offs (Girls only)

Created by asiatribal and taken 481 times on Bzoink
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What is the first thing you notice about a guy?
Do you pay attention to shoes?
Do you pay attention to style?
Do you automatically look at the face?
Do you like thugs?
Do you like goths?
Do you like Emo kids?
Do you like Punk rock guys?
Does race matter?
Do you like em Skinny?
Do you like em muscular?
Or somewhere in between?
Do you like jocks?
Do you like those wannabe rappers? Millions of those guys.......
Do you like mohawks?
What do you think is physically attractive for a guy? Be specific....
How should he dress?
Is personality more important than looks?
Do you like conceited guys?
Shy guys?
Do you like them hard or soft?
Do you like nice guys or bad boys?
Should they know how to read and write?
Do you like grillz? (Those platinum or gold teeth)
Would you date a rapper?
What age range do you prefer?
Would you date someone old enough to be your father?
How old was the oldest guy you dated?
The youngest?
State your reason on why you date men that are older or younger?
I'm not going to get to graphic or explicit.....
Do you like kissing?
Do you like him to grab you so tight when he kisses you?
Do you like aggression?
Do you like submissive men?
What turns you on when kissing?
What place do you like to be touched? Keep it PG!
Do you like when he touches your hair?
Do you like biting?
What type of kiss do you prefer?
What turns you off about kissing?
Describe your most worst kiss?
The best kiss?
Do you mind if he touches your face? (Some people are weird about that)
Do you like when he bites or pulls your lip?
Do you like neck kisses?
What other places do you like him to kiss? PG rated please!
Ever kissed a stranger or someone you just met?
When was your last kiss?
Was it good?
Are you a good kisser?
How good?
Did this survey bore you to death?
I was bored to death making it.....Chow.