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Author: silverpwnsyoursoul
Created: December 8, 2008
Taken: 296 times
Rated: G

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Stranded on an Island

Created by silverpwnsyoursoul and taken 296 times on Bzoink
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First name your top five friends:
So here's the low-down: You and these friends are on a plane headed to
(Enter some place here). You guys are are all sleeping, until you realize
the plane is going down and you guys just barely make it out of the
emergency door on time, and everyone else on the plane is magically
transported to somewhere safe *I don't want to kill them D=*. Land is
500 yards away. Ja, some people can swim that distance, but most of you
guys probably can't. So...
What do you think you guys should do to get to shore?
Who happens to notice the conveniently-inflated boat that's floating there?
There are no oars so how do you guys figure to paddle to shore?
Who suggests that someone should pull it with everyone else on it?
Who tries to race the boat to shore?
Do they succeed?
Who is freaking out 'cause they think they're going to be eaten by sharks?
Who are you most tempted to shove off the side?
So you guys somehow make it to shore. (Don't forget to include yourself)
2 people have to go out to get firewood--who?
2 people have to go find grasses/berries/etc.--who?
2 people to build shelter--who?
Where do you guys decide to set up? (on beach, in woods, mountain, etc.)
It's getting late & you all have returned, but it's getting dark & cool.
Who makes the fire?
Who thinks is freezing even though it's really not all that cold?
Who is complaing b/c there is only one shelter big enough for 4?
Who falls asleep first?
Who draws on their face with a sharpie they just happen to have on them?
Well, you all ended up falling asleep at some point, and day two begins.
Who wakes up first?
What do they do?
2 people have to go out for food again--who?
You decide that two people have to go hunt--who?
How do they kill their prey *like rabbits and birds*?
Which 2 build another shelter?
You all meet back in the early evening and gather round a nice, warm fire.
Who was made to skin and cook the meat? *you didn't get a lot*
How do you guys lighten the mood?
Who is upset b/c they can't go to a mall or McDonald's or smth. like that?
Who is getting homesick?
Who is the most glad to be away from home?
Who are you talking to the most at this point?
Who are you the most sick of right now?
Well, you are all tired and done eating, with some food left for tomorrow
morning. The new shelter is made for about 4 people, too. *spacey =]*
Who sleeps in the first shelter?
Who sleeps in the second shelter?
Who is the last to fall asleep?
Who can't stop talking, despite their tiredness?
Well, a week passes and you guys are still getting by, despite quarrels and
frustrations. Well, you all go off to do your assigned chores and return
to find that a bear has devoured your entire food supply and destroyed your
shelters. Your hunters only caught about half a pound of food. Your
gatherers didn't gather as many berries and such b/c they've been picking
all of the ones close by and that would mean they'd have to stray farther
where you guys set up, and that could be dangerous.
Who is the most peeved?
Who has a nervous breakdown?
Who starts pointing fingers?
Who wants to find and kill the bear?
Who calms everyone down?
What do you guys decide to do first: rebuild shelter get more food?
Well, now a month has gone by since that fateful day when you guys crashed
here. You have all somehow gotten by. Some people have gotten sick, but
no casualties. Then, while you guys are all sitting around the fire eating
and doing whatever it is you guys are doing, you hear a russling in the
bushes and you all instantly become silent and alert. A man steps through
out into the clearing. Well, one thing leads to another and you are all
telling him about how you all arrived on the island, but then he interupts
your story. "This isn't an island... This is the shore of (ENTER NAME)!
Town is just 5 miles north of here!"
Who is the most vexed by this?
Who starts crying?
Who doesn't believe him?
Who starts running like hell to get to civiliztion?
Who is kind of sad that the experience will be done and over with?
It's just as anticlimactic as Lord of the Flies ;D, huh?