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Author: laurenpwns
Created: December 8, 2008
Taken: 152 times
Rated: G

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lets change, not for the rest of them.

Created by laurenpwns and taken 152 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever listened to the band Jet before? Do you like them?
Do you ever miss being in the first grade?
Have you got any brothers or sisters who annoy you?
Do you try to get involved in political issues?
As a younger teenager, did you have any older guys/girls hit on you?
Do you thing abortion should be legalized in the United States?
What is one country in the world you want to visit someday?
Do many people confuse your name with someone else's?
How much time do you usually spend online in one sitting?
When you're at the movies, do you get popcorn & a drink?
Do you anticipate for a certain movie to come out on DVD?
What are two songs that are getting too old for the radio?
Would you ever want to be changed into a vampire?
Does the thought of living forever scare you in any way?
How many annoying people do you shun off daily?
Do you know anyone who is too random for their own good?
Have you ever tried to talk like a gangster to a teacher?
Have you ever done anything too embarassing to mention?
Do you get up early to go to school, or do you get there late usually?
How many times has a dork asked you out before?
Does the thought of dying give you cold chills?
How many times has someone called you boring, if ever?
Do you like to quote random people?
If you have myspace, what do you usually post bulletins about?
Do people ever have to correct you gramatically?
Do you think that some people are overrating celebrities fame?
What type of music do you just wish would fall off the face of the earth?
How many times a day do you usually eat a full meal?
Did you ever really like Pokemon or Yu-gio?
Did you like the band Muse before their song was popular on Twilight?
Speaking on Twilight, did you buy the soundtrack for the movie?
How many times daily do you talk to your signifigant other?
As a teen, were you trusted to be alone with a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Do your parents both have a job?
Are you currently unemployed? If not, what's your job?
Name one lyric from the song you're listening to, if any?
Do you have a tendency to dance in the Dollar store?
Do you live anywhere near a hick-town?
Do you have a friend-with-benefits relationship with anyone?
What's the name of the one song you loathe the most?
Who's one person you think has a way with words?