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Author: -egocentricity-
Created: December 10, 2008
Taken: 595 times
Rated: PG

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-Dusk Settles On Decisions Unmade-

Created by -egocentricity- and taken 595 times on Bzoink
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How many songs are on your Ipod/mp3 player?
Have you ever said something just to see what kind of reaction you'd get?
When was the last time you went grocery shopping?
When you turn on the TV, what's the first channel you flip to?
Have you ever confronted someone about using too much chat-speak?
Have you ever revealed someone's secret, after promising not to tell?
What is one emotion that you experience regularly?
Do you ever feel insecure about your appearance?
Describe the last major change you made concerning your hairstyle?
Who was the last person to walk out of your life, and why?
How did you decide upon your favorite colors?
Are you less likely to approach people that look/dress a certain way?
Name one embarrassing activity that you take part in?
For you, what determines a true friend?
Ever been told that you can't understand Love due to your age?
What is your favorite Starburst candy flavor?
Do you prefer schedules and plans, or spontaneity?
How do you let someone know that you like him/her?
Do you think that you act like yourself while online?
Have you ever lied about something to get someone to like you?
Who is the fakest person in your life right now?
If you could repeat yesterday, what would you do differently?
Have you ever laid down in the grass, and made shapes out of the clouds?
When was the last time that you felt disappointment?
When was the last time someone let you know you are loved?
When someone's constantly negative, how do you deal with it?
Does Christmas make you feel like a kid again?
Would you rather buy presents for others, or receive them?
What is your favorite winter-time activity?
Do you have any artistic talent?
How did you meet your current best friend?
Would you ever shoplift from a store if you knew you wouldn't be caught?
Are you a member of any Myspace groups?
When one of your pets dies, how do you react?
When you go to the movies, where in the theater do you sit?
When was the last time you lost your appetite?
Have you ever neglected to take care of yourself?
The last song/poem/story you wrote - what was it about?
Have you ever wanted something that someone else has?
Do "lovey-dovey" couples get on your nerves?
What are your opinions on teen relationships?
Have you recently made a bad decision?
After a fight, who apologizes first - you, or the other person?
What is one thing about yourself that you cannot stand?
How do you feel upon receiving a thoughtful gift?
When you daydream, where does your mind go?
When you're feeling creative, what do you do?
Is there something you are ashamed to do in front of others?
What was the last thing someone did to make you feel uncomfortable?
When it comes to personal questions, how open are you?
How do you like to pass the time?
Do you mind being in your house alone overnight?
Are there any dreams you remember from childhood?
What is the last joke you heard?
Have you ever wanted to just disappear completely?
Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were gone?
What worries you most about death?
When you finish a good book, how do you feel?
If you could spend a day with any celebrity, who would it be?
What would you want to do, and where would you want to go?