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Author: -egocentricity-
Created: December 10, 2008
Taken: 172 times
Rated: PG

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-You Proclaimed Your Hatred For Life-

Created by -egocentricity- and taken 172 times on Bzoink
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If you've ever contemplated suicide, when was the first time?
Have you given consideration as to how you would do it?
What has stopped you from going through with your plans?
How often do you feel depressed?
When was the last time you felt completely hopeless?
What would you say is your worst character flaw?
What is one illegal activity you've done/do?
Have you ever been physically abused?
Have you even been mentally/emotionally abused?
What goes through your mind as someone's breaking up with you?
Why did your last relationship fail?
How many friends have you lost in the course of your life?
Have you ever purposely injured yourself?
When was the last time you were rejected by someone you really liked?
When was the last time you were completely humiliated?
What is the worst experience you've had with a guy/girl?
What do you do to escape daily life?
What is the worst thing that someone has called you?
Has anyone ever started an embarrassing rumor regarding you?
Do you listen to music to temporarily shut life out?
Do you ever use lyrics to describe how you are feeling?
What upsetting thoughts are currently on your mind?
Have you lost anyone close to you lately?
Do you ever feel that you are out of control?
Is there a secret you want to tell someone, but feel you cannot?
How do you deal with feelings of sadness and depression?
Have you ever been viciously cyber-bullied?
Are you just barely surviving high school life?
What is the worst thing about coming home?
When was the last time you considered giving up?
Do you find that others stereotype you?
Have you ever been called insulting names to your face? What were they?
Do you take good care of yourself?
Have you ever tried drugs in an attempt to drown unhappy thoughts?
When was the last time you were happy with yourself?
Do you feel like you don't get enough attention?
What writing content would one find in your journal?
What is one thing you wish others could understand about you?
What is one memory you wish you could permanently erase?
Is there someone who has left your life, that you wish would come back?
Are you the type to wonder if love really does exist?
Do you feel that your life is meaningless?
Does anyone look down on you for your personal choices?
If you don't fit in, why do you think that might be?
While hurting yourself, what do you think about?
Have you ever felt that you're just not good enough?
Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
Do others misunderstand you and your intentions?
Have you ever gone behind someone's back or betrayed someone's trust?
How do you feel after a bad argument?
Is the internet an outlet for your angst?
What is the hardest part about being a teenager?
Does it bother you to have others see you cry?
When was the last time you were hugged?
Is there anyone out there that makes you feel appreciated?
Has a bf/gf ever cheated on you? How did you feel?
Do you drink alcohol in excess?
Have you ever passed out from too many drugs/too much drinking?
Have you ever wanted to get help for any of your issues?
Do you think you've ever hit rock bottom?
When you're upset, do sad songs make you cry?
Do you express your pain through poetry/writing?
While lying awake at night, what do you think about?
What is one thing you miss about your previous boyfriend/girlfriend?
If you've never had a bf/gf, why do you think that is?
Do you have a hard time receiving compliments from others?
When you're alone, what do you do/think about?
How many times have you cried in the past month?
Describe a traumatic life event?
What would change if someone knew your deepest secret?
When was the last time you were lied to? About what?
Are you the black sheep of your family?
Is there something you want to stop doing, but don't know how?
What is your most destructive habit?
Is there any hope for you?