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Author: cutemonkey720
Created: December 11, 2008
Taken: 890 times
Rated: G

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Story of my Life

Created by cutemonkey720 and taken 890 times on Bzoink
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Before You Judge...
What's your name?
How was your name decided?
When/where were you born?
What heritage are you?
What child are you? (Only child, oldest, middle, youngest, etc...)
Words that best describe you?
Picture This...
What color are your eyes?
What does your hair look like?
How tall are you?
How much do you weigh?
Best physical feature?
Worst physical feature?
What color do you like to wear the most?
What's your fashion style?
Skin color?
My Firsts...
First words?
First favorite foods/drinks?
First exciting life experience?
First toy?
First school teacher?
First best friend?
First thing you got in trouble for?
First time you got sick?
First time you lost a tooth? How?
First favorite TV show/movie?
First crush?
First celebrity crush?
First date?
First sign of puberty?
First kiss?
First love?
First bad grade?
A Few Of My Favorite Things [From The PAST]
Favorite food/drink?
Favorite desert?
Favorite cartoon show?
Favorite musical artist?
Favorite indoor game?
Favorite outdoor game?
Favorite hobby?
Favorite thing you owned?
Favorite collection?
A Few Of My Favorite Things [NOW]
Favorite food/drink?
Favorite color?
Favorite cartoon show?
Favorite real show?
Favorite things to do?
Favorite thing you currently own?
Favorite store?
Favorite collection?
Favorite online game?
Favorite website?
Favorite thing about growing up?
What Comes First...
Yourself or others?
Education or time for having fun?
Family or friends?
Friends or dates?
Health or appearance?
Beauty or brains?
Looks or personality?
What You Look For in a Guy/Girl...
A name you like for a guy/girl?
Words that would describe that person?
Different from you or similar?
Shy and sweet or rowdy and fun?
Beautiful/Handome or sexy?
Hair color?
Eye color?
Things they might be good at?
Would you like them to take things slow or fast?
Body type prefference?
Place they'd take you or you'd take them on a date?
Total turn ons?
Total turn offs?
Best physical feature?
Ever dated someone like that?
Things I Rock At...
Strongest athletic ability?
Strongest school subject?
Game you're really good at playing?
What's the furthest level on a game you reached?
Your greatest talent?
Any *secret* talents?
Greatest accomplishment?
Awards you've gotten?
Do You...
Tell the truth?
Get mad easily?
Get annoyed easily?
Forgive easily?
Have any pet peeves?
Have a best friend?
Like what you see in the mirror?
Make blogs online?
Have a split personality?
Get jealous of other people?
Hold grudges?
Make judgements before you get to know someone?
Chew with your mouth open?
Talk while you eat?
Pull all-nighters onl weekends?
Regret easily?
Have an easy time making decisions?
Accept people for their differnces?
Joke about other people for fun?
Have manners when you're in public?
Critisize people?
Wish life was more simple?
Looking Into The Future...
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Plan on going to college?
Do you want to get married when youre older?
Have kids when you're older?
Do you think you'll still keep in touch with family?
Do you think you'll have a good future?
What are things you fear about for the future?
What are things you are excited about?
Do you wish you can actually see your future?
Do you think you'll still have your good looks 20 years from now?
Anything you plan on changing for the teacher?
Did you like this survey?
Was this survey too long for you?
What did you like best about this survey?
What did you not like?
Is this going on your myspace?