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Author: tiffanyforever
Created: December 13, 2008
Taken: 53 times
Rated: PG

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This is all about YOU!

Created by tiffanyforever and taken 53 times on Bzoink
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So what are you listening to?
Howz the weather?
Can you text?
Would you die without your phone?
What is one technology you CANNOT live without?
Do you have a lot of pimples?
Do you love the rain?
Do you have a bf/gf?
Do you have a motto? What is it?
How old are you?
What are you doing tomorrow?
Are your fingers scrawny?
When was the last time you were sick?
Looking forward to anything?
My friends...
Do you call your friends your "lovers"?
Are your friends crazy?
i love my friends, what about you?
When was the last time you and your friends had a sleepover?
Any weird nickname you got from a friend?
Do you give your friends weird nicknames?
Do you search for guyys/girls with your bffs?
How old were you when you met your BFFL(s)?
Would you be super sad if your friend died?
Will you and your friends be friends until the day you die?
How do you spend your time with friends?
so now what? huh?
Play any instruments?
Did you read a good book lately?
Is music your life?
What day is today?
Why are you doing this survey?
have you seen any cute guys or girls?
Have you ever had a celebrity crush?
if yes of who?
What size shoe do you wear?
is you closet BIG?
what kind of hair styles do you have?
This is my family...
Does your grandparents spoil you?
Who else spoils you?
Any borthers or sisters?
Are you the youngest or middle or oldest child?
When do you have family gatherings?
Is your family weird or cool?
Does your family embarrass you?
Do you have aunts that pinch your cheeks?
SO when will you go and shower?
Do you write on your hand to remeber things?
How old were you when you went to the zoo?
Can you swim?
Do you LOVE the waterpark?
Any jewlery on at the moment?
Do you have a cut?
Are you usually stressed out?
Do you know anyone gay?
Has anyone ever told you that you look like a celeb?
Its the end, are you happy?