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Author: dasean803
Created: December 14, 2008
Taken: 10 times
Rated: PG

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Me and you

Created by dasean803 and taken 10 times on Bzoink
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whats your name?
how did you and this person meet?
when did yall meet?
what do you like about them?
what do you hate about them?
you and the persons Most memerable moment?
would you die for this person?
do you think they would die for you?
do you love this person?
how much do you lov this person?
would you sleep with them?
have you ever slept with them?
whats your deepest secret?(only if you trust them)
what do you think there deepest secret is?
how long do you think you and the person will be friends?
what is this person to you?
what kind of person are you?
have you ever backstabbed?
describe this person in 5 words?
explain what you think friendship is?
do you and the person have that kind of friendship?
do you like this person?
have you ever got in an argurement with this person?
do you think you and the person ever will?
is this person on your top? (myspace)
if so what number?
are you on theres?
what number?
if there not on your top why not?
if they are Why?
if you wanted to change somthing about them what would it be?
ever wanted to b-slap them? (tell the truth)
ever wanted to kiss them?
describe your friendship with them in 3 words?
are you getting tired?
well im not !!
do you think about them often?
would you fight for there friendship?
would you leave them for one of there enemies?
would you stop bein ther frien bcuz ofa misundastandin or try to wrk it out
tell them anything you ever wanted to tell them?
what do you kno about them?
what do you want to kno?
tell a nick name you would call this person?
do you and this person call each other brother and sister?
are you and this person bestfriends?
the bestest of friends?
4 ever?
and ?
and ?
and ?
okay bye now lol