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Author: -egocentricity-
Created: December 19, 2008
Taken: 528 times
Rated: PG

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-Faltering As Passion Disintegrates-

Created by -egocentricity- and taken 528 times on Bzoink
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Do you listen to music while you fill out surveys?
In the past week, what song have you listened to the most often?
What was the last thing you shared with someone else?
While playing video games, do you prefer being first or second player?
What is the most difficult word for you to pronounce?
What did you have to do for the last homework you were assigned?
You've planned a roadtrip. Where are you going, and who's coming too?
Do you have an overactive imagination?
What was the last important thing that you thought about?
Generally, do you call people, or wait for them to call you?
On average, how many texts do you send out each day?
If a cop pulled you over for speeding, how would you respond?
Has anyone ever questioned your sanity?
How many people do you depend on?
How many people do you think depend on you?
What is the worst color combination?
Have you ever injured yourself walking around in the dark?
When you get a papercut, how do you react?
Can you type without looking down at the keyboard?
At what age did you develop an interest in the opposite [or same] sex?
Are you or members of your family religious?
What is your opinion on religions other than your own?
What's so scary about clowns, anyway?
When was the last time you acted like someone you're not?
Have you ever wished that something bad would happen to someone else?
When was the last time that you cleaned your room?
How many hats do you own/wear?
What was the last thing that you printed?
Did the last song you listened to hold any special meaning?
Are you experiencing problems within a current relationship?
When you're upset, who do you turn to?
How many times a day do you log onto Myspace?
Does winter weather depress you?
Who was the last person that you called?
What product was being advertised on the last commercial you saw?
Do you ever wonder who sings the catchy commercial jingles?
When you think about your last relationship, what song comes to mind?
Are there any lyrics to describe your current crush/relationship?
Who in your life makes you the most uncomfortable?
Do you ever receive comments on your weight?
Is there anything that you do just to make other people happy?
When you need a temporary escape, what do you do?
What was the last lie that you believed in?
How long did your last feelings of heartbreak last?
Is there any sport that you would want to learn to play?
What band would you most like to meet?
Do you ever have difficulty opening pill-bottle caps?
Do you gain weight around the holidays?
Are you related to anyone famous, or to any historical figure?
If it was an option, would you take a trip into outerspace?
What was the last thing that you wrote down [with a pen/pencil]?
Has anyone told you that you have a nice smile?
Are you uncomfortable with being photographed?
How vivid are your memories?
What's the earliest you've woken up in the past week?
How many people have you talked to today?
What was the last reason behind why you went to the hospital?
When journaling, are you honest when documenting your feelings?
If you have a journal, do you ever worry others might find it?
When you go camping, do you sleep in a tent or an RV?
What's one ridiculous thing that you do?
Do you feel that you must wear make up to be attractive?
What was the last thing [other than the keyboard] that you touched?
Ever done anything dangerous while driving with someone else in the car?
Name someone you wish you could be closer with?
Have you ever played the license plate game on long car-trips?
Are you a secretive person, or are you open with your thoughts?
What is the worst question that someone could ask you?
Do you talk to your pets?
Do you have a least favorite day of the year?
What traits do you look for in a potential BF/GF?
Would you date someone that had a different religion from you?
Right now, what's in your bookbag/backpack?
What's unique about your city or town?
If you could say something to the world, what would you say?