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Author: adellalust
Created: December 19, 2008
Taken: 470 times
Rated: PG

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Top 4 Friends <3

Created by adellalust and taken 470 times on Bzoink
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~ Number One ~
Whats their name?
How old are they?
When did you meet them?
Are they single?
Do you want to date them?
Or are you dating?
Have you bannged them?
Have you ever done anything illegal with them?
Why are they number one?
Are you their number one?
Do you hang out alot?
Sleep overs?
Will they be in your wedding?
Do they know everything about you?
What would you change about them?
~ Number Two ~
Whats their name?
How old are they?
Do you love them?
Ever had a crush on them?
Have they ever had a crush on you?
Are you related?
Why arn't they number one?
Ever skipped with them?
Lots in common?
One word to describe them?
~ Number Three ~
Why are they only number 3?
Where are you on their list?
Is this person a goody-goody?
Can you tell them anything?
Would you tell them if they were getting fat?
Do you do stupid things with them?
Are you really close?
Do you even know this person?
~ Number Four ~
Why are they so far down?
Do you hang out alot?
Are they older then you?
Are they single?
Whats their occupation?
Do they have good taste in music?
When was the last time you hung out with them?
Who was....
the last to call you?
the last you hung out with?
the last you did anything illegal with?
the last person to sleepover?
last to see you cry?
the last to say they loved you?
to hug you?
Which is...
the loudest
the cutest
most artistic?