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Author: reflectedbeauty
Created: December 20, 2008
Taken: 62 times
Rated: PG

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Why? No really... Why?

Created by reflectedbeauty and taken 62 times on Bzoink
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State your name!
State you age!
State your gender!
State your current location!
State your relationship status!
What song describes your current/previous relationship?
Why do you think opposite sexes have such a hard time communicating?
In your opinion what is the biggest diffrence between men and women?
In fights who is right more men or women?
Why do you think people cheat?
What do you think is the worst thing to fight about?
Do you think most couples get enough quality time together?
What do you consider quality time?
Do you think having children makes a relationship stronger or weaker?
Do you belong or support a certain political party?
When voting what are the most important topics to you?
Does having a black President bother you?
What President do you think did the most for our Country?
Pick a city other than D.C. to be our capital!
Do you think we should pull the troops out of IRAQ?
How do you feel about abortion?
Do you think it should be illegal for the Military to start a draft?
How do you feel about Stop Loss?
What would you change about our Government?
Why do you enjoy doing surveys?
What is the greatest thing you have accomplished in your life?
Do you believe you could ever truly know anybody?
What job do you think helps people the most?
If you could give a million dollars to one charity who would you pick?
Do you think the universe really goes on forever?
What is one book everyone should read?
Do you think people should wait till marriage for sex?
Is being Gay okay?
Why do you think people choose to drive drunk?
What do you think the best age is to have your first child?
Do you think selling your religion door to door should be banned?
What do you think the future holds for our world?
Do you think you are born gay or choose to be gay?
Should motorcyclist have to wear helmets?
Do you think parents today rely on video games and tv to amuse kids?
What do you consider to be an All-American meal?
If you could take one movie off the shelves forever what would you pick?
What Celebrity has done the most good?
Who do you think the biggest Celebrity mess is?
Is Howard Stern to extreme?
Should Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt be allowed to have any more kids?
Do you think Madonna is a positive roll model for girls?
Do you think people pay to much attention to Celebrities lives?
How do you feel about Rap music?
What do you think makes a celebrity special or diffrent?
How would you do if you had to handle 1 year as a Celebrity?
Is there an athlete that stands out as being a good roll model?
Do you think Walt Disney would be ashamed of his empire now?
Do you think your opinions will change in 10 years?
Was there a topic on here you felt REALLY strong about?
Can you handle other peoples opinions?
Are you happy that we have the right to free speech (kinda)?
Do you think you will make a diffrence in the world?