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Author: laurenpwns
Created: December 22, 2008
Taken: 152 times
Rated: G

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when our lips collide; to almost stop the earth.

Created by laurenpwns and taken 152 times on Bzoink
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Is there anyone you want to backhand right at this moment?
Are any of your siblings on drugs as we speak? Which ones?
Do you think people who ask too many questions are stalkers?
Do you enjoy the company of chocolate covered cherries?
Do you have those annoying and loud neighbors you want to hit?
Do you like Christmas? If so tell us what your favorite Christmas movie is?
Do you ever make surveys of your own? Are they fun to make?
How many times a day do you check your MySpace for new comments?
Do you like learning new things everyday, or to you like being braindead?
Do you consider yourself gramatically correct? Or do you not?
Do you know of any of your family members that are homosexual?
Is your mom having mood swings at this exact moment?
Do you know anyone with a really odd name? What is this name?
Who is your best friend's mother's name? Is she cool?
Have you ever taken a special trip to the grocery store for one thing?
Does anyone (including yourself) call you a lazy person?
What's one chore you absolutely cant stand doing anyday?
Have you seen a fly in your house today? Was it annoying?
Are your parents pots and pans old or new? What about silver?
When eating something, do you prefer to use a fork or spoon?
Do you think your father is a complete butthole? Why is this?
What is one character's name from your favorite Disney movie?
Do you still have cravings now for what you had in the past?
When was your favorite year? And why is this year your favorite?
Do you have any family members you can trust with everything you say?
What kind of vegetable or fruit can you not stand whatsoever?
What is the song playing right now (if there is a song playing?)
Are you a picky person in general? Not including picky with food?
When you see the color yellow, do you automatically think,
Are you wearing any jewelry at the moment? What exactly are you wearing?
What color are the walls, in the room you are in right now?
Do you know any midgets? Whats your relation to them?
Do you keep a special countdown until holidays or events?
Do you take a special trip to parades on these holidays or events?
Do you ever just randomly eat a head of cabbage every other day?
Whats one name you just cannot stand to be called? Or is it too offending?
Do you know how to play Yahtzee? Is it fun or just boring?
Have you ever won a game of Candyland? Who were you playing with?
How many people do you know, who are potential serial killers or stalkers?
Have you ever shot or made a computer explode, in your life?
Does anyone you were once close to, bully you of verbally abuse you?
Do you have step-parents, or are your parents still together?
Do you have two remotes for the television you use the most?
How large is your bed in your bedroom? What color are the sheets?