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Author: caryylinee
Created: December 23, 2008
Taken: 122 times
Rated: G

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your favorite people, and some about you too

Created by caryylinee and taken 122 times on Bzoink
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think of one person. any person.
who are they?
how old are they?
do they know how old you are?
do your parents know them?
would your parents approve of the fact that you're thinking about them?
described the best time you had with them.
think of a different person. ...please.
who are they?
do they know the first person you thought of?
do they get along? [or would they, if they knew each other?]
what is their sexual orientation?
is it the same as yours?
what would you do if they told you their sexual orientation was different?
would they do the same for you?
think of one more person.
when was the last time you talked to this person?
when was the last time you saw this person?
rate their attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 10.
what would they rate you?
is that how you would rate yourself?
now questions about you!
what is your shoe size?
where did your mom go to college?
when was the last time you told your mother you loved her?
when was the last time you told your pet you loved it?
does comparing those two answers make you think?
do you want to go tell your mother you love her?
what color are your favorite socks?
what color is your favorite pair of underwear?
what does your deodorant smell like?
what does your boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend's deodorant smell like?
what is the least used object in your room?
what is the most used object in your room?
how many times a day do you open your refrigerator door?