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About This Survey

Author: jlogue1989
Created: December 23, 2008
Taken: 304 times
Rated: PG

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.:.All About Me.:.

Created by jlogue1989 and taken 304 times on Bzoink
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.:Let's Start With The Basics:.
Full Name?
Where do you live now?
Body Type?
Eye Color?
Hair Color?
Who do you live with?
Any siblings?
Any pets?
Which one of your parents are you closer to?
Which one of your parents are you not close to?
Which sibling do you get along with?
Which sibling do you bump heads with?
Best Color?
Worst Color?
Best Song?
Worst Song?
Best Actress?
Worst Actress?
Best Actor?
Worst Actor?
Best Singer?
Worst Singer?
Best Movie?
Worst Movie?
Best TV Show?
Worst TV Show?
Best Fruit?
Worst Fruit?
Best Veggie?
Worst Veggie?
Best Meat?
Worst Meat?
Best Mall?
Worst Mall?
Best Boardgame/Game?
Worst Boardgame/Game?
Best Sport?
Worst Sport?
Best Cereal?
Worst Cereal?
Best Girl Name?
Worst Girl Name?
Best Guy Name?
Worst Guy Name?
Best Radio Station?
Worst Radio Station?
Best Day of the Week?
Worst Day of the Week?
Best time of Day?
Worst time of Day?
Best Dog Breed?
Worst Dog Breed?
Best School Subject?
Worst School Subject?
Best Season?
Worst Season?
Best Cookie?
Worst Cookie?
Best Candy?
Worst Candy?
Best Chips?
Worst Chips?
Best Gum?
Worst Gum?
.:Are You?:.
A virgin?
Sexually Active?
On birthcontrol/medication?
A tease?
A stalker?
Confident in yourself?
Nice to others?
A bitch?
Mean to old people?
Wearing clothes right now?
Happy with your life?
Being honest?
Thinking of somebody?
Are you shy?
Are you romantic?
.:Do you?:.
Fart in public?
Have sex?
Write anything?
Work somewhere?
Hate a girl?
Hate a boy?
Like a boy/girl right now?
Walk around naked in your house?
Always tell the truth?
Want to have kids?
Want to get married?
Want to travel?
Want to win the lottery?
Have a diary/journal?
Have a Myspace whats the url?
Sing in the shower?
Shave your pube hair?
Spit at people?
Get in fights?
Love yourself?
Love anybody?
Watch reality tv?
Watch soap operas?
.:Have You Ever:.
Pooped/peed on someone's lawn?
Used a guy/girl?
Sent nude pics to a guy/girl?
Been in Love?
Had a crush on a teacher?
Stolen something?
Eaten a whole box/bag of something what was it?
Had a stalker?
Made a prank phone call?
Vandalized someone's house?
Dreamed of being a celebrity?
Cheated on a lover?
Peed your pants?
Pooped your pants?
Scared someone?
Had surgery?
Had your hair dyed/highlighted?
Gone days without sleep?
Fell down the stairs?
Passed out?
Wasted money on something?