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Author: lil3lulu95
Created: December 26, 2008
Taken: 76 times
Rated: G

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iheartWhales. ;]

Created by lil3lulu95 and taken 76 times on Bzoink
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holaa, it's time to start, hit it!
what's your name?
time right now?
girl or boy?
do you hate those questions?
how's life going?
squirrels, whales, and walnuts, oh my!
do you like pickles?
what about those eggs?
scrambled, poached, sunny side up, or in toast?
are you going to save the whales?[i am]
coolest crayon color?
do you like that olive green one?
wireless mouse or keyboard?
how was christmas?
are colored pencils cooler than crayons?
got an iPod?
is mine cooler?
mine is deff cooler, just an fyi.who is your favorite glue maker?
are you a pirate?
how about a ninja?
which is cooler?
are you on santa's good list or naughty list?
have you heard of the white palamino pirates?
i'm one.;].do you ride horses?
ever had a pony ride?
what about a camel?
cow ride?
ever ridden an electronic bull?
do you like starbucks?
cool beans. ;].what'cha gonna do now?
ohemgee! you just got dumped!what do you do?
what are you going to do to the loser?
is your bff going to beat them up?
will it be funny?
what would you do if... you won the lottery?
became a ninja?
was on ninja warrior?
ate a crayon?
have you done that?
ate glue thinking it was paint?
laughed at someone lately?
jsut joking around?
who'd you yell at?
i don't want to miss a thing.óż
do you miss someone?
have you dated them?
most ah-mazing moment with them?
is life okay?
ever had an ex go ask out one of your friends shortly after dumping you?
how'd you feel about that?
are you friends with that person?
what about the one that dumped you?
ohemgee- she said what?!
started a rumor lately?
heard one?
been part of one?
guess what?
i have a secret, do you?
is yours good?
mine is- heard any good secrets?
it's a love story, baby just say yes.óż
do you currently have a bf/gf?
if you do, what's the name of the kid?
if not, got a crush?
name puh-lease-
are they a cutie?
like my spelling? i do know how to spell, i promise.;]
what's their hair color?
do yours have flowers in them? mine do.
how long have you been going out with/ liked this person?
are you in love?
is that person ah-mazing?
do you think of them a lot?
do you want them forever?
make a wish about them-
is there something interfearing with that wish?
this is that &&that's that.
alpaca's or llamas?
britney or christina?
anna or lauryn?
dogs or cats?
cows or wombats?
prank calls or t.p.ing?
ding dong ditch or forking?
sleepover or just for a day?
blame or be blamed?
illegal or legally blonde?
jail or prison?
yes or no?
what's this?
this or that?
now what's that?
half full or half empty?
tongue or ear?
pigs or cows?
trees or whales?
sharks or bees?
which is worse: loving &&lost, or not loved at all?
which is worse: dumped by text or in person?
which is worse: a lot of okay friends or one bestie.
speaking of that- i'm pretty sure this is waht best friends look like.
how many besties?
who's the best?
how long have you known them?
who's your bestie from the opposite gender?
what's their name?
do you tell them everything?
lie to them?
pry stuff out of them?
back to your normal bestie: how'd you meet them?
craziest thing you've done with them?
did you have fun?
are they like you, or way different?
in what ways?
have they ever stolen your bf/gf?
have you ever slapped them?
yelled at them?
told them you ate them?
gone to camp with them?
best memory with them-
when'd you see them last?
talked to them?
when are you going to see them again?
do you miss them?
what do they look like?
final, most important question: do you even have a bestie?
write stuff here, finish it.rock out.
i'm a
life is
__ is gonna get harder
i'm scared of
i don't want to
i lost
i miss
i'm going to save
__ are/is my hero
i have a friend named
whales are
freddie boy is
i need
i want
i'm excited for
my birthday is
__ is ah-mazing times 10
she is
who's she?
he is
i'd travel miles to see
hey stephen i know looks can be deceiving but i know i saw a light in you
what color is your hair?
do you have freckles?
wear makup?
favorite clothing store?
&&that's that.it's time to hit it;
what time is it?
did you enjoy this?
you gonna go rock out?