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Author: ambie313
Created: December 29, 2008
Taken: 434 times
Rated: G

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2008 Ending Survey

Created by ambie313 and taken 434 times on Bzoink
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Are You Ready For The New Year?
Did You Meet Any Life Changeing People This Year?
Who Has Your Favorite Person Been This Year?
Get into Any Unforgettable Fights This Year?
Were you in a relationship with anyone?
Did you love them?
Do Anything You Regretted?
Are you still with the person you got with in 2008?
if so do you wish you werent with them?
Do you like theyre family?
if no why not?
Have you been a good person this year?
Have you felt like youve wanted to die this year?
Would you rather be dead or alive for 2009?
Do you think your crazy?
What Are your hopes for the new year?
How Will You Celebrate the new year?
is the one you love still gonna be around in 09?
If you could have three wishes for 09 what would they be?
What has been your badest addiction of 08?
Do you think you need help?
Do you want help?
Do have something you need to tell someone before the years over?
What are your plans for 2009?
Do you hope to be married?
Do you want to have children in 09?
Have anything else to add?