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Author: frenzee13
Created: January 1, 2009
Taken: 35 times
Rated: PG

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ORIGINAL QUESTIONS... GOOD spelling & grammar!

Created by frenzee13 and taken 35 times on Bzoink
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Flavor of milk
Soda ("pop" for those in the midwest!)
Way to spend a day off
Place to hide things
Year you've endured during school years and why
Average daytime temperature (please idicate whether it's F or C!)
Are there certain things you REFUSE to eat? What?
Are there any commercials you actually change channels for?
Person you hugged
Person you texted
Animal you petted
Animal you wanted to take home
If I were.... etc......
President, I would
Your best friend, I would
Your BF/GF/whatever fits... I would
Your boss, I would
Current favorite song
All-time favorite song
A song to describe your life
A song to describe your love-life
Tell me about your friends, in a song
Tell me about your job, dude!!
What about your crush?
How about the best time of your life?
I Have....
Participated in/attended a bonfire
Swam in an ocean
Made home-made pizza
Sang karaoke
Eaten sushi
Attended a live concert of a band that has put out at least one CD
Been on TV in any capacity... and if so, what?
Been on a local radio station, and if so, why?
If I could make a NEW band out of members (still living) of existing bands
A gardener.. I'd grow
Could only eat five things, forever, they'd be...
Were stranded on an island with six CD's, they'd be
I could take either a family member or a pet to the same island, I'd pick..
Had to rescue a pet from another pet
Turn off a TV commercial because it irritated me too much