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Author: mizzshears
Created: January 5, 2009
Taken: 90 times
Rated: G

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It's like a dolly mixture

Created by mizzshears and taken 90 times on Bzoink
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Hi! what's your bzoink username?
What are you listening to whilst doing this?
Which is your favourite hat?
Can you play a instrument?
Do you doodle when you're bored?
Ever been on a plane?
If so where did you go to?
Ever been to any of the disneylands?
Have you ever blown on a ice lolly because it was too cold?
If you could only have one TV channel which one would you choose?
Are you warm?
What's something you could do without in your life right now?
A smiley that best describes your mood yesterday
Would you like to be in a band?
If so what would be your job?
What's the last thing that touched your lips?
Can you speak another language?
If so what?
What time will it be in an hour?
Can you imagine being someone else?
Would you want to be someone else for a day?
Describe your dream car
Is there something you don't want somone to know?
Like to share it with us?
Okay, besides your own who's bed did you sleep in last?
Was it as comfy as your own?
Do you have any tattoos?
If so what of and where?
If not what would you get and where if you had to have one?
Do stay at hotels self catering, half board or all inclusive?
say the first word that pops into your head:
Who's your best girl friend?
Best boy friend?
Youngest friend?
The friend you've known the longest?
Who out of your friends is in your class (if you go) the most often?
Which one of your friends is most likely to becom famous
Who's the shy one?
Which one is the prettiest?
Have you ever seen your friends cry?
Which ones?
Which friends birthday is the next?
Back to the random Q's...
How many remote controlls do you have in your house?
Do you prefer myspace, facebook, bebo or other?
Can you cook?
Are you fussy over what you eat?
favourite pair of shoes you own?
Last piece of homework you recieved?
How many songs are on your ipod plus 200?
Do you have a suitcase?
If so what colour is it?
Girls - do you wear dresses often?
Boys - have you ever worn a dress before?
Girls - Do you wear makeup?
Boys - Have you ever worn makeup before?
Do you say the world 'lol' outloud?
Do you think old people are cute?
Do you have a bzoink obsession :p ?
What are you going to do now this has finished?