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Author: chihuahua
Created: January 14, 2009
Taken: 161 times
Rated: G

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Created by chihuahua and taken 161 times on Bzoink
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What is the youngest age you remember?
Who was your first best friend?
Are you still friends with them & how long?
Do you get bored easily?
Have you ever played the lottery?
Did you win anything?
How often do you get your hair cut?
Have you ever cut yours or anyone elses hair?
Where do you go to get to get your hair cut?
Are you male or female?
Do you watch any reality television?
How many cds do you own?
Have you ever bought seasons of tv shows?
Do you have at least 5 people you can count on?
Do you like cats or dogs better?
Do you watch American Idol?
Is your hair parted in the middle or on the side?
Do you use a hair straightener every day?
Has it snowed where you live yet this year?
Do you use mouthwash?
Are there any live flowers in your house?
How many ceiling fans are in your home?
Have you recently lost or gained weight or stayed the same?
Have you ever had your teeth whitened?
Have you ever been proposed to?
Whats one disease that runs in your family?
How often do you eat at home per week?
How long is your longest relationship?
How short is your shortest relationship?
Have you ever had your eyebrows waxed?
Do you ever watch Oprah?
Do you ever watch Ellen?
Do you watch any Soap Operas? Which ones?
What else are you doing besides this survey?
Do you have a favorite hoodie/jacket? What is it?
Do you have a recliner in your house?
How many people can sit around your kitchen table?
Is there any alcohol in your home?
If you could get a new pet right now what would you get?
What would be your new pets name?
Do you collect anything?
Who cuts the grass at your house?
Do you have a tree in your yard?
Is anything exciting coming up with-in the next month?
Was this survey different from most?